Broadcast #1
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  • Posted On: Jan 6 2011 5:35pm
“War is one thing.”

An audio-broadcast, the voice crackles.

“Life can deal with war.”

Static hisses behind the words.

“History is full of wars fought and fighting.”

Heavy breathing fills each pause.

“Yet, here we are and life goes on for another day.”

In the background something pops,

“Genocide is something different.”

A tapping sound is heard.

“Life cannot deal with genocide.”

A pause here.

“This war is different.”

A pause there.

“This is the end.”


“...” Someone clears their throat. “But it's not too late.

“We can stop them,” the voice is louder, closer to the microphone. “They have a weakness.”

“They can be saved.”

A long pause, more heavy breathing...

“I know they can be saved...”

“... because I was saved.”

“I am alive,” the signal is stronger. “Because I was saved.”

“Salvation can be yours.”

“You must...”

“... transcend chaos.”

Quietly, other voices together chant, “The Crucible.”

“... become enlightened.”

They chant, “Enlightenment.”

“... embrace salvation.”

Chanting, “The Saved.”

Silence, all but static.

And then, “My name is Lance Shipwright.”



“... are...”


“... alive.”

End Signal...