Breaking: Wide Scale Riots Across Commonality Capitals
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  • Posted On: Jun 12 2015 7:21am

This is a Commonality Security and Trade Assistance Force emergency broadcast. This message has been relayed to your holodevice through coalition sanctioned relay buoys, and while neither ComSec nor its vessels hold any authority other than as auxiliary support even within intra-governmental space, it is strongly advised that you refrain from overtaxing sector allotments for extraneous wide band holofrequency signals. Please route all necessary holotraffic through your closest available CSTAF branch or your local Haven representatives.

This communique is intended primarily as a TRAVEL ADVISORY and will attempt to abstain from editorialization and/or speculation as much as possible.

All traffic along the Perlemian Trade Route as it approaches the Tanaab Outer Limits are advised to reroute to either the Hapes Cluster or Lantillies should they desire to attempt an "Outer Run" into the Ossan Green Zone as ComSec peacekeeping forces have redoubled their efforts on port authority in light of the upswell of planetside civil unrest on both Obroa-skai as well as Columex in the past two to three galactic standard days. 

Although the catalyzing origin of the unrest seems all but impossible to confirm now even in hindsight, the public upheaval in response shares several factors in common: variances in severity from peaceful protests to rioting and looting to mob assaults and hate crimes; a grass roots, self-perpetuating nature that seems just as likely to worsen in the coming days as it does to improve; and most importantly a platform for a host of local sector and provincial issues, only serving to exacerbate attempts to calm tensions from Haven to Haven.

It is for this reason that, although not yet suspended, ComSec strongly discourages all pilots, sailors, and passengers from extended shore leaves and will begin posting banners advising non-local crew members from wandering too far from a port's respective foreign quarter. There have been confirmed reports of several critical injuries as a result of riot-related confrontations, and although none have yet been confirmed several fatalities have also been allegedly reported.

CSTAF takes no positional stance on the crisis, but apart from ongoing local holocoverage including narrow-band footage of events on the ground as they take place, our local affiliates reached out for comment from both Parliaments to further clarify the atmosphere within key Commonality sectors of government and authority.

Obroa-skai remained tight lipped, officially responding to our requests only with a standard "It is not our policy to comment on matters of galactic trade and security." although several senior level sources have commented, off-the-record, as claiming the atmosphere within Inner Parliament to be one of 'devastation' and 'futility', one source going so far as to say 'the Grand Experiment is over, and in the eyes of our constituents we have failed them'.

Outer Parliament, situated on Columex, released a more scathing and somewhat vibrant rebuttal, "The League of Nations stood proudly for years as a beacon of light in darkness, balancing peace, order, and neutrality when all were needed most and all others before had stumbled. Only when two galactic-level disasters struck more or less simultaneously, the appearance and ascent of the Reaver Scourge and the Genocide of Coruscant, only when all light seemed destined to wane both from within and without, did the League decide to take a stand, and they are lambasted for renouncing their values. No, the Outer Parliament has nothing of substance to say on this matter, nor any other matter not pertaining to the clear and present danger that is the Green Zone and the Tion Hegemony."

Response was more muted on other Haven capital worlds, their representatives operating within a much different political and territorial climate than the 'Consolidated Commonality'. All unauthorized comm traffic from the Coreward Haven is on indefinite suspension under decree of the Rendili Civil Defense Service in response to erupting tensions in the nearby Duro system between the local Imperial command infrastructure and apparent populist uprisings, and Ansion has been muted as usual throughout the entire affair, arguably maintaining the most control and order within its boundaries, and yet perhaps the most surprising response to our local affiliates was the unsolicited proclamation from Neimoidia.

"Our people are not often regarded within the current zeitgeist as an 'honest' or 'brave' species. Perhaps, given our past foibles, that sentiment is a deserved one. Yet that same resentment allows us, we believe, to speak on matters perhaps deemed beneath the realm of statesmen. Neimoidia stands with the Commonality. We stand with Columex, and with Obroa-skai, even when such a public association may seem counter to our 'designs'. those who cry for gallant bravery while striking daggers of terror into the backs of those who would listen, to those who preach of hypocrisy while practicing the same, the elected representatives of Neimoidia have naught to say. It may have been our Trade Federation that began the latest in a long line of galactic...cataclysms, it was your Republic and your Empire that perpetuated the cycle, that poisoned our world and the worlds of countless others, and because of our complicity in some of these heinous crimes we say to all else that we welcome your support, be you Republican or, yes, Imperial.

Long ago, our leaders made the, perhaps, critical error of supporting a bid for independence from the black and white thinking that has sent brother to kill brother for decades since. Look before you, and you see totalitarianism purified. Look behind you, and witness the gaping maw of anarchy. Neimoidia stands, the Commonality stands, between them. We have made our choice, and we will not go softly into dank submission. It is up to each world, each sentient to make their own choice. Good night, and good luck."

A continuing no comment from Ossus or any official sources from within the Jedi Enclave, and the lack of any sort of public appearance or decree by the Jedi Grandmaster leaves many continuing to speculate on possibly health issues. After the initial flurry of inquiry into the alleged sightings of Reaver incursions into the Adega system, the Ossan Defense Force has assured media of access to all relevant information the moment it has been declassified.

Throughout the Commonality all anti-Force related hate crimes are up across the board, and any speculation or commentary regarding the "Jedi Conspiracy" or the "Ossan Connection" currently popular across the holonet will not be allowed within official CSTAF discussions pursuant to our terms of service.