Breaking News: Anti-Reaper Forces Link Reaper Phenomenon To Alien Attack On Coruscant
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  • Posted On: Apr 21 2010 11:42pm
With the Holonet in disarray, galactic trade and communications dissolving, and empires and nations dissolving into petty regionalism a press release wasn't what it used to be. Still, it's hard to kill an ancient society of thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps many more worlds in a mere matter of years. Word still got out. People found ways to work around it. These new channels, slap-dash and slow, were still alive with desperate talk - when there was something to talk about.

Today, there would be.


BIMMISARI - A press release is being circulated from sources embedded with the Coalition and Cooperative elements of the massing Anti-Reaver Compact forces, around the borders of occupied Reaver space. It comes from the combined command of allied forces in the area and carries the endorsement of some Imperial commanders, Coalition high-ups, Confederation officials, and some reports suggest even a local Jedi enclave.

In the report, it is alleged that stealth ships deployed by the Coalition military to reconnoiter the occupied space have brought back images, footage and other evidence of ships matching the profiles of alien vessels seen attacking Coruscant and elsewhere in the galaxy. The Azguardians are releasing records of a battle against this alien threat, identified as the "Cree'Ar Dominion" in a recent, puzzling proclamation. According to this report the Reavers are not believed to be attacking the Cree'Ar ships and in fact appear more to be cooperative, docile, or otherwise kept at bay.

The accusations are damning. The Cree'Ar are accused of being responsible for whatever cataclysm befell the Black Dragon Empire and loosing the Reavers upon the galaxy. The combined command is calling for a galactic condemnation of the Cree'Ar Dominion as the perpetrators of this crime and the uniting of Anti-Reaver and Anti-Cree'Ar forces into a pan-galactic pro-restoration force.

Initial reactions are surprise, skepticism, and wild speculation. Some claim that this connection was obvious simply due to the chronological proximity of the fall of Coruscant to the fall of the Black Dragon Empire. Others dismiss this as coincidence and merely a political attempt to find cause belli for cooperation between divided Imperial forces, Commonwealth, Coalition, Confederation, and other galactic powers. With reports from within the occupation zone incredibly sparse despite untold millions or billions trapped behind the line of confrontation, it is difficult to find outside proof of these claims.

Pressed for comment, the Coalition military commander on the Reaver lines, Admiral Panacka, is reported to have said "The recon operations required to confirm this link have been thorough, the only question left is what we're going to do about it. We're not getting the support, the troops, the resources we need to win this war and it's the entire galaxy that will suffer if we don't. This isn't about the Coalition or the Confederation or the Empire or any of that - it's about our civilization, about the survival of native sentient life in this galaxy in the face of truly alien invasion. The sooner we stop arguing about this and get in gear the better a chance we'll have of coming out alive."

Though crumbling in many areas, the Coalition's diplomatic corps has still managed to muster up several missions to prospective allies and commands around the galaxy to drum up support for this proposed pan-galactic alliance. With the anti-Reaver compact still forming, it is unknown how this ambitious project will fare. Anti-Reaver forces are expected to be massing for a major meeting before their big push at some undisclosed location in the future.

As always we would like to remind our viewers to stay safe in this ever more dangerous galaxy. May the Force be with us all.

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“It's been two days now since a report surfaced on the possibility of a link between the Reavers and the Cree'Ar, these beings of unknown origin who have claimed responsibility for the mass-genocide on Coruscant. No branch of the Cooperative government has yet released an official statement concerning the authenticity of that report.

“We're here today at the steps of Cooperative Council Hall, hoping to get a preliminary statement once the Senate concludes its session for the day.”

The great doors of the Council Hall cracked open, a trio in military dress appearing at the top of the steps.

“It appears Admiral Jonathan Blakeley is leaving just now. Admiral Blakeley! Admiral Blakeley!” The reporter did her best to run up the stairs, waiving in an attempt to get the attention of the small military delegation.

But Admiral Blakeley was already heading for the gathering of reporters.

“Admiral Blakeley, would you care to make a statement regarding the Cree'Ar?”

“Admiral Blakeley, has the Senate reached a decision on―”

“Admiral, is the Cooperative military prepared to―


The crowd fell silent as Jonathan pulled the rank badge off of his uniform, handing it to one of his companions.

“My name is Jonathan Blakeley,” he began, unbuttoning his coat. “Though my accent would suggest otherwise, I have spent my life here, in the Outer Rim, in the Quelii Sector.” He took off his dress coat and handed it to the military man at his side. “I can tell you only what I have seen and heard for myself, as a resident of the Rim, as a citizen of the Cooperative.

“I can tell you I was there, I saw the reports, I checked the data. I viewed the footage from Coruscant, the surveillance from Black Dragon space, the unsealed records from the Azguard military.

“I did not see a single piece of evidence to counter the claim that the Cree'Ar and the Reavers are linked. I watched the Phage attack on Coruscant, witnessed the Cree'Ar use of Black Dragon technology to render a world dead. I have seen reports on the nature of the Reaver virus, its hybrid biologic/mechanical nature, its definition as little more than a re-appropriation of the Phage technology.”

Blakeley paused for a second, shifting his attention away from the reporters and directly to one of the holorecorders. “And I can tell you this, Artanis Daz'Da'Mar of the Cree Ar: if ever I determine, personally or professionally, that the Cree'Ar are responsible―in part or in full―for the rise, spread, or effectiveness of the Reaver atrocity . . . well then, when I'm done with the Reavers here, I'll be coming for you next. With or without a Coalition at my back.”