A Message of Hope
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  • Posted On: Mar 1 2011 6:25am

At a prearranged time, a series of specially adapted vessels revert from hyperspace into undisclosed but predetermined locations within deep space. These locations have been carefully selected. One vessel in particular, chosen to be as close to the inner rim and core worlds as feasibly possible , yet not so close as to attract unwanted attention or to endanger any specific planet, or population, opens its cargo bay doors, and drops its cargo into empty space.

Presently, at different locations, staggering out-ward to the outer-rim, more vessels do the same.

Shortly after, an encrypted signal bounced from ASCA to ASCA across the entire Republic native network, is broadcasted onwards, interlinking with various systems and satellites , connecting with those worlds and systems whose networks are still very much intact, forming an enlarged make-shift network, bouncing off these and spreading further out across the galaxy, sent purely as a single raw data-packet, in a universally known format.

Linking with these adapted vessels, and dispersing the signal outwards.

The once dead holo-net receivers acquire the spike of near instantaneous information immediately, and convert the data burst into a viewable Holo-image easily...

Message of Hope.

Where before only dull static remained, a bright holo-image takes its place.

The picture is a wide shot of a raised dais, with a podium with the symbol of the Republic emblazoned upon the front of it, encircled with large brilliant white drapes with an even bigger version of the symbol clearly visible behind, stood facing it, a crowd of dignitaries and press wait patiently.

Despite the expectant silence, the message is loud and clear.

A figure appears from the right and steps onto the dais, and stands behind the podium. As the camera shot cuts to a closer view, the viewer can see Senator Vinda immaculately dressed in a deep purple tunic with the very same Republican symbol emblazoned on a brooch upon his chest.

The Senator rests his hands upon the podium, and seems to take a moment to gather his words, before looking into the camera deliberately, and breaking the hushed silence...

Sentients of the galaxy.

I come before you now, to bring you a message, not of despair, not of war, but one of hope.

The Intersystem Congress , its Councillors and Executors, including myself have just ratified the last and final document that will transform and hand-over the Intersystem Congress along with the worlds it represented, to the newly formed Senate, which will take its place.

To put it more simply, my fellow congressmen and I have just witnessed and performed the last act of ratifying the rebirth of the Galactic Republic.

It is in this capacity, as both Senator and Executor of this new Republic , I talk to you now.

I invite all governments throughout all of the known worlds, planets and systems to become a part of the history made today, a day which has seen the light of democracy openly return to the galaxy.

I invite, and urge you all to join the Republic.

The Senators and I , have done all we can to see this historic moment come to fruition, but we can only do so much, it is down to you, as inhabitants of this galaxy to seize this opportunity and make it your own.

Stand with us, give us your voice and support your Republic!

To those governments who up until now have been keeping the torch of freedom and democracy burning in the face of intimidation and oppression, we honour you and invite you to unite with us, because together we can become greater than the sum of our parts.

Together! We can be a force to be reckoned with, a force for change, and a force for good.

Together! We can lend our support to those who do not have a voice.

We need , pilots, freighter captains, star-ship personnel ,

We need force users that uphold the ideals of the Republic!

In the interest of peace , we also extend the hand of friendship to the Empire, despite our political differences, let us show these aggressors that we are not as divided as they think.

Together we will stand united in defence of our freedom and send a clear message to those seek to take it from us.

The Senator takes a moment to let his words sink in, and then levels his gaze towards the camera once again.

And it is to those people who I wish to address now.

This Republic will not stand idly by and watch as you tear through the heart of this galaxy, and attack its people.

This Republic will not abide by your dictates and bizarre religious edicts...

This Republic will defend its people, and ALL sentient beings, regardless of their ethnic background , regardless of their race, or colour or creed, regardless of whether they are force-sensitive, or not.

ALL are welcome within the Republic, and we urge all those who feel persecuted, and under threat to join with us to defend against this madness, in defence of others like yourselves.

To the invaders I can only say this, it truly astounds me that as a race you claim to have fought and opposed the will of tyrants, yet here you are doing the very same thing!

It seems you are no better than the so-called tyrants you have claimed to have defeated.

If you truly desire peace, if you truly understand what it means to oppressed by the tyranny of others, then go in peace! Leave the sentients of this galaxy to govern their own affairs and forge their own destiny, as you did your own.

That is their right, OUR right, the right of EVERY sentient species.

For if you think we will simply give that right away, without a fight, you are VERY much mistaken.

Should you decide to negotiate for peace, the Republic will listen, but should you decide to carry on with this pointless, brutal and utterly unachievable crusade then I promise you, every step of the way, in every way possible , by any means at our disposal, you will find your very own tyrannical will, resolutely opposed.

As a Senator for the Republic , that is my personal promise.

My final message is to all free sentients of this galaxy.

Contained within this message is a data-stream providing all we know about the current state of the galaxy.
A simple astromech droid will be able to decrypt the necessary information contained within.

Finally, stay safe, do not take any unnecessary risks, our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Know that we are doing all in our power to stop these invaders and the Reaver menace they have brought with them.

Know we will not give in to their tyranny.

Know that you are not alone, the Republic stands with you.

Long live the Republic! ...and may the Force be with us all.

The watching crowd applauds, repeating and cheering 'Long live the Republic' and Senator Vinda simply inclines his head slightly in acknowledgment.

With that, the final remaining image is of the Phoenix-like Republic insignia, for all to see.

The vessels , their task complete , make the jump to hyperspace to return from whence they came, leaving only a small series of adapted relay units running silently and patiently , as the only evidence anyone was there to begin with.

(*The data contained within , gives details on the most current known areas (including systems worlds and hyperlanes) thought to be afflicted by the Reavers, along with the knowledge of what is known to attract them, and what the early signs of Reaver infections look like.

Also contained within are co-ordinates to 'safe' Republic worlds, with routes listing known Cree'Ar held areas)