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  • Posted On: Nov 21 2013 8:39pm
Ok one more thing I found.  I promise i'm not nit picking. call it beta testing.

anyway in the universe on things such as R and D and the wiki and Im guessing most all of them there is no way to go to another page. only the first page appears. say for instance the letter A b and part of C in the wiki. And part of the A pages in R and D.

again just chiming in on fixes.  Don't Smite me.
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  • Posted On: Nov 21 2013 8:42pm
So they did not all copy over,eh?
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  • Posted On: Nov 21 2013 9:26pm
That makes too much sense to be true.  I find anything which makes sense  should be questioned and even then not relied upon. Even after it is proven  you should still treat it with apprehension and doubt out of spite. Or you can just go with  it and be happy. Ill do the latter. :)
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  • Posted On: Nov 21 2013 9:37pm
So upon more digging I did find that more pages do exist.  There is just no way to move on from the first page.
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  • Posted On: Nov 21 2013 10:51pm
That just means I got sloppy and forgot to add the pagination template tags to those templates. I shall do so tonight, as well as look into some options for sorting and searching through the Universe.