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  • Posted On: Nov 17 2013 9:15pm
Hey all, welcome to the new site. I've got a couple of quick things to go over, so give this a read.

It should be as simple as going to the password recovery page and entering your email address. Check your spam folder, I haven't gotten the emails to come from our domain yet so they might get filtered. You'll get an email for each account attached to that email. It might be a lot.

However, sometimes life isn't that easy. It's been 11 years, I know I don't have my old hotmail address anymore. If this is the case, register a new account and post here in the Communications forum. We've still got a lot of the oldies around, we'll get your old accounts back under your control.

I have migrated the most active public forums. Back on the old site I've either locked those forums, or I'm about to. I've also set the ID numbers of new threads & posts on this site to double the max number we had on the old site, so that I can continue to do mass-imports of older content as we move forward.

Some things didn't come over very prettily. Some of the BB code used on the old site is different than what's used here. If you want to reformat your posts, go ahead. I'll be working to update the BBCode parser on this site to support the older tags, over time the ugly formatting will go away.

Formatting on pages is selectable when a page is edited. I mass-imported Wiki pages and forum topics into the site, so some things will need to be cleaned up.

The Old Wiki
I've imported the old Wiki into the Universe section of the site. It's under the category 'Wiki Import'. Several people have done a lot of work creating content, and I didn't want to leave it behind. If you're interested in cleaning up the content again, go for it. All members have editing permissions for all pages in The Universe. Essentially there's some light formatting to do, and each page needs to be assigned to an appropriate category.

Research and Development
Like the Wiki, R&D has been migrated to a pageset. It's here: Topic replies were migrated as comments. It too might need some cleaning up, but like mentioned before, should get better over time as I implement more BBcodes in the bbcode parser.

Groups are still on the old board. I've left myself breathing room in the database for migrating over their content later. There are links in the top nav that will point you directly to each group forum on the old board. If anyone gets new members that might need access to forums, post in here and we'll get it ironed out. Accounts can still be created on the old board via the Admin panel. Moving forward, I'll be bringing groups back to this site once I figure out the best way to do so.

Weird styles, ugly bits
There are still a lot of ugly bits here and there, but nothing should be broken. If you spot anything broken or unusable, post in Comms and I'll take care of it.

Any other issues, let me know.
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I have a ton of characters under one email and so when I requested a password, I received an email for each screenname.   Before I try to register each and every one of them, I remember hearing about a function to simply merge all characters under a single account?  If that is not happening right now that is cool and I will register each one.  If it is happening soon, I can wait.

Also, I did have some trouble with the new password resetting.   I ended up going to the admin panel and simply setting my password there (after utilizing the temporary password that was emailed to me).
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I will be creating a feature to tie accounts together, it does not exist at this time. It will be based on what email address the account uses. Update the PW if you need to use the account, I don't know how long it'll take to put the feature together.

I will look into the password reset issue
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Irtar and Corise ran into the same issues and posted them in Communications Forum on old board.
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Oh, and Smarts' head may explode if he is not able to see who is online at so if that is feature that can be activated, I am sure he would appreciate it.  Great job, BTW!
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I fixed the password reset. Zark debugged it for me: I just had the labels mixed up. Enter the old password once and the new password twice. I've updated the text to reflect this.

I will look into the who's online thing.
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Welcome to the new board! Titus and I have discusses a lot of different ways to improve upon the TRF experience with TRF 5, but for now a sleek new look with baked in formatting and user registration seem improvements enough!

I know the new forum is going to seem strange at first, but hopefully in a few months you'll forget we've even moved boards. So it was with ezboard, so it will be with vBulliten.

I'd just like to personally thank Titus for all the hours he dedicated to this project, as well as all of you for being so patient with us, especially after I announced a board move three months before it actually took place. My b.

But we're here now, and I hope you all will come to appreciate like the home used to be. Here's to another ten years.

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Whos Online is now active. Visible on the home page, viewing the forums, and inside individual forums.
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Why do you think it took me 2+ years to actually get this far?