Memory Lane
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  • Posted On: Feb 5 2022 6:33am

Good day all,

I used to RP pretty actively with TRF and TGC a decade or more ago (man, has it been that long), but faded away for awhile thanks to life in general.

Interested in getting back into the game . . . is this place still kicking? 

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  • Posted On: Feb 5 2022 9:24pm

Hi! Welcome (back?) to TRF! TGC was before my time, but I've been at TRF since 2006, so maybe we crossed paths back in the day.


There are a few of us around still writing (Ahnk and Omnae mostly), but most of that seems to be focused on finishing up old RPs at the moment. (Except for me. I, of course, have GRAND SCHEMES that cannot be stopped by such minor inconveniences as board-wide inactivity.)


We've got a TRF Discord now, where a few more folks check in from time to time. Some of them are writing at a new board now, if you want to pop in there and ask about that place.



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  • Posted On: Feb 6 2022 8:45am

Welcome back. Not sure I remember the name but maybe I would remember if you used another nick.

If you have ideas and you want to go ahead please do, always nice to have something else to read.

If you're looking to sandbox with others, I echo the suggestion of popping on Discord, we can shoot stuff back and forth.