It's not possible!
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  • Posted On: Oct 10 2005 5:38am
Super Nova.
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  • Posted On: Oct 18 2005 9:51am
Hello Vejuun,

According to our database, you have less than three posts here. You went through all that work registering an account, now you need to use it! If you're confused as to what you can do, perhaps you should say hello in our Coms Forum. Feel free to ask any questions you have either there, or in our OOC Forum.

Welcome to TRF!
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  • Posted On: Nov 9 2005 8:10pm
...okay, who the hell are you then? I ain't seen Vejuun before. Or do you RP all the time, then act like big man on forum?

P.S. If your an admin, don't kick me out.
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  • Posted On: Nov 16 2005 12:18am
This is just me but time is not something you want to mess with. In fact you could mess everything up, even your very life. so, stop meddling in time and let me join you. Unless, of course, you'd rather me come to power and rule the whole galaxy with you guys as rebelson the run.
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The space bar is a gift, Rebel. Use it or lose it.
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  • Posted On: May 15 2006 8:59am
There is only one solution to a time warp... Let's do the time warp again!
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I like this guy already.
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I remember my Rocky Horror days fondly.
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Welcome to The Rebel Faction.