Hello again from Epics!
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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 5:27pm

I am happy to see that you guys are still alive and kicking. I am in the process of rescusitating ours as well and thought maybe I was too old for this crap. But I'm not! I really like what you've done regarding the "one account - multiple characters" interface. We're still doing it the hard way. :)

For new guys (and OGs - you know who you are!), here is what I have cobbled together so far:

Main Site - we're still fleshing out the Wiki, Photo Gallery, etc. but we have everything we scraped from ezboard and our vbulletin since 2005.

Direct Link to the Forums/Roleplay - there are OOC sections aplenty to participate in if you don't want to RP there.

And the social media: Facebook Page (I just created this last night) - Pinterest (Star Wars and Epics memes and other stuff I create for the site), Telegram (just a chat channel), Discord (chat), Guilded (chat)

This isn't an ad. I'm just glad I got a confirmation email from you guys last night and found out there are others trying to keep this going, and I'll support you any way I can. I wasn't able to go directly to version6, so I am not even sure I'm posting in the right place. And thegungancouncil.com doesn't seem to be working, is it still up?


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  • Posted On: Aug 24 2021 6:21pm

Hey Sam! Long time no see! So glad to see that Epics is still around. You've been busy with the site, it looks great! I only have the energy to work on this website, definitly too old to start a Pinterest or Discord haha. I've gotten into the "slow web movement"

TGC is still kind of alive, they're at https://thegunganc.jcink.net/index.php now. Ceel appears as active as ever.

Don't worry about version6, you found the right spot :). I did an oopsie last night when setting this new site live and accidentially sent confirmation emails with the wrong URL to most of the userbase. Ouch. I'll have to set up a redirect tonight so anyone else gets redirected correctly.

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  • Posted On: Aug 28 2021 5:25am

Hello Sam, you can advertise here any time. I will fight anyone who feels differently.

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  • Posted On: Oct 3 2021 4:36am

Hi Sam!  Welcome.  I do not want to fight Ahnk so advertise away!

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  • Posted On: Oct 5 2021 7:17am

Good, my arhritis is acting up, don't feel like brawling.

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  • Posted On: Oct 8 2021 3:20am

No one wants to fight a man with two faces

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  • Posted On: Oct 9 2021 7:48pm

Hey Sam! ...and everybody else!  :P

Equally glad to see Epics still living and breathing!