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  • Posted On: Nov 23 2013 4:55am
Hey, so I was working in the wiki on pages. I have found when editing entries I have no formatting options for text . like bold and underline and such. Is this a setting thing or is it just the way it is?
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  • Posted On: Nov 23 2013 3:30pm
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  • Posted On: Nov 25 2013 3:00am
They look good to me. For formatting, there's a field called Parser, you have to select BBCode or HTML and save the page before the editor will show up. You can also change the category the page is filed under, so once you're happy with how the entry looks, go ahead and move it to the relevant Universe section, and out of the Wiki Import.

I'll delete the Wiki Import category once it's empty.
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  • Posted On: Nov 25 2013 3:32am
Ok will do.
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  • Posted On: Nov 25 2013 3:54am
Was the Abhean page that empty before?

Most of the other worlds I entered in previously seem to have appeared fully intact otherwise(see Budpock) since I last entered in the info. Speaking of which, is anyone else only seeing up to the B's from the inported data?

As far as the actual formatting is concerned, I'm somewhat torn right now on the standardization.

On one hand, I like the idea of having a standardized format, but I think it's going to run into problems. Partially because a lot of people aren't here right now to define their worlds and/or R&Ds into whatever format we're going to use, so there are going to be a lot of potentially empty spaces, which looks awkward to me. If we delete those spaces to make it more aesthetically appealing, we've then lost the standardization we originally were going for. Using a standardized format also runs the risk of people not being able to include information they may want to have included.

I think something we might want to consider is coming up with a suggested standardized format. Give something for people to work on so that people can easily roughly find certain core information pretty easily (like the location of a planet, or a ship's speed), but also allows people to be as detailed as they want to be about it too (ie, so we don't have Ahnk's 10000 RU starfighters).

But I'd like to hear what other ideas people might have.
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  • Posted On: Nov 25 2013 5:29am
Ok so Ill put the work on hold while we discuss this. Yes that was all the info on the original page. I just figured you would add anything else as you looked over the worlds.  The issue with standardization of stats for stuff like starships is we do not really use the stats anymore. I have complete stats on most of the wiki stuff even if wiki dosn't 

Another thing is Wookipedia has alot of stats now for ships that when people here made them up did not have them. we should decide if canon stats  take priority or if were sticking with the stats created before there were canon stats.
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For clarity's sake, I'm not blaming you(Reshmar) for the missing information on Abhean, I'm just surprised.  But it's too easy to fill in the missing information.  Particularly since a lot of info on my worlds needs to get updated anyways (some of them still reference the Confederation as being part of GC).

I personally don't have a preference between using previously made up stats, or the new canon stats, except for the WotC stats, which I despise with the passion of a thousand burning suns(for an example of them, look at the Providence-class on Wookieepedia).

Random aside, I won't have internet for the next couple of days, but I'll be back right after that (Thursdayish).

EDIT: To answer my own question about only up through the "B"s coming up, apparently more of the entries are showing up as the ones previously there are shuffled to their correct categories.  We may want to consider moving everything in the old import section to their right category just so we can take stock of what's done so far.
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I was jusr gonna start with A and work my way back. As I move them over  more just come over on the first wiki page. Maybe its a plot?! to make us do everything they set it up so we had to get through them in order lol. I did not think you were blaming me  just answering the question.  most of the planets do not have most of the info. The only reason I had things like hours of the day and days of the year is because one of your entries had all that. I am fine with either labeling missing entries as Unknown or just deleting them from the page. 

As for ship stats and WOTC lol I started  all this 30 years ago playing tabletop battles with cardboard 2d cutouts glues to a base so Im used to WOTC stats. some are terrible true,I never liked their shielding system. They are the wonderful creators of the Nebulon B with 24 fighters on board idea. Have you ever seen a model of an X-wing beside a model of a neb b? yeah not happening. even 24 ties would never fit. so yeah they made up for it by making them "exturnal" anyway we will sway from WOTC I agree. We know stats do not really matter but young people coming up may not and for us to survive as a viable forum we have to keep up and at least keep in mind these ships do have stats. Just think back to 15 year old you. No matter how much we say they do not matter and for most practical roleplay writing purposes they do not, they do in the greater scheme of things.
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Yea, I was not sure if we needed the days in a year for a particular planet or how long a day was or temperature and average rainfall on that planet but if it is a direct copy of wookiepedia and they have that info, then I suppose it does not hurt to have it.  

I would think the important stuff would be the planet's history as quite a few would have changed hands.  If "government" is listed as a stat, it would be the government at the time of the wiki edit. 

I would think that we would want to get to the point where the only edits we make to entries (for planets anyway) would be history updates.

I never understood the WOTC ship stats but the only rpg I ever played back in the day was a Star Trek Starship Combat simulator by FASA.   As for ship databases, the question I have is regarding Mk II's and Mk III's...  Would they require a separate entry or should upgrades (which is what Mark 2's and 3's are) simply be added to the entry of the Mk 1 as a separate post?

My personal preference is to have all Mk models in the same thread since it deals with the same ship but that is just my own personal weird sense of order.
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Ok so I tried it like you suggested  and ran into some formatting problems.