===**Force Abilities**===

The Force has many powers and abilities available to the Force Sensitive. While it would be nigh impossible to know of every single ability, it can be assumed that there are a wide range of general knowledge powers that are available to most Force Users. With this in mind, the following guide has been constructed, giving information on basic - and not so basic - Force abilities...

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The following abilities are available to any beginner Force Sensitive who has little to no training, as well as to all Force Users in general.

~-''Force Jump'': The ability to leap farther than what is typically possible for a standard being. The Force is used to help strengthen a being’s propulsive muscles, while also calling on the Force for a simplistic telekinetic lift, which allows for leaps and jumps of varying degrees.

~-''Force Speed'': The ability to move at increased speed, faster than what is typically possible for a standard being. The Force is channelled through the body, altering the perceptive, muscle and endurance attributes of a being for a period of time. Force Speed is typically the act of running, or taking some kind of action at incredible rate.

~''Force Levitation'': The ability to move an object with the use of both will and mind. The Force is channelled around an object, forming an invisible grasp, which can then be lifted, moved or altered through sheer power of will and mental concentation.

~-''Force Telepathy'': The ability to use the Force to speak with the mind, whether it is with a mental voice, empathic feelings, or simply to feel out another being’s location (though the latter requires a strong connection/bond between the two). The Force is then used to project the mental command of the Force User, allowing their wish to connect/communicate to be heard by others they are focusing on.

~-''Force Danger Sense'': The ability to sense danger in an immediate area that is usually centered on the individual Force User. Though through close bonds, such as friendship or sibling relation, the Force Sensitive can sense a degree of danger directed toward the other person/s.

~-''Force Sensory Enchancement'': The ability to alter the effectiveness of a beings’ senses (however other Species with more than five senses can alter all senses to the same degree). This allows for a heightened sense of smell, advanced sight, or simply to ear a conversation from a distance. The Force is channelled through the specific locations of the being’s body, which then increases that senses effectiveness for a period of time. This affect is personal and cannot be used on other beings.

~-''Force Psychometry'': The ability to use the Force to glean imprints of past events from an inanimate object, through physical touch. Typically the Force projects images directly into the Force Users mind, and depending on the level of control for this ability, can give a varied degree of results. The higher the ability of a Force User, the more information can be absorbed and seen through this Force connection.

~-''Force Lightsaber Throw'': The ability to throw a lightsaber, or light weight weapon/object, while focusing on making the object return to the source. The Force uses an advanced form of levitation to control the path of the focused object, while the Force User concentrates on controlling, directing and eventually returning the weapon to him/her.

~-''Force Affect Mind'': The ability to use the Force to distract or even control another being’s mental functions and capacities. The Force has a powerful influence on the weak minded, and a Force User can redirect that power of suggestion to help, or hinder, another being.


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