K2-TH-96-B heavy assault fighter

The K2 began its life as a prototype for the k-wing project. With the success of the E-wing, FreiTek Inc. Along with Koensayr Manufacturing both built prototypes for the K-wing. After testing and trials the New Republic went with Koensayr's design for main production leaving FreiTek's design to be further researched and refined. With new technology and design characteristics the FreiTek design gives the Alliance a true multi-role fighter. This craft offers a refined compromise between the K-wing and A-wing fighters. Small, fast and maneuverable without its pod and hardpoint weapons installed the K2 can act as an Interceptor and space superiority fighter. While the K2 does not have the weapons expansion hard points of the original craft but it can still carry an impressive and formidable amount of fire power. (3) hard points are located on each of the upper wings which can house a mix of weapons systems ranging from heavy bombs, rocket pods, missile pods, double torpedo pods, flechette cannons, or twin heavy laser pods. The lower mission pod location can carry a variety of mission pods ranging from a 72 proton torpedo pod, 12 Plasma torpedo pod, 6 assault concussion missile pod, recon and elint pod, or (4) heavy bombs. A cargo pod can be used to carry 90 tons of cargo. Advanced repulsor technology allows the K2 to operate like a attack speeder in atmosphere. Weapons pods severely slow tne K2 in atmosphere making it difficult to handle when carrying a full payload of weapons.  

Crew - (1) Pilot, (1) Weapons Officer

Maneuvering - Medium  to Slow depending on load out. The K2 is not a fast craft even with the Interceptor suite attached. While faster than civial war era X-wings the new K2 is still slow by modern standards with a top cruising sped of (90) MGLT. With the aide of the afterburner type drive the K2 can make up for its lack of speed  and accelerate quickly to (140) MGLT in short bursts. This makes the craft both more difficult to target and a better attack craft in both anti-vessel and anti- fighter roles. The main limitation of the K2 is the lack of a hyperdrive. Just like its predecessor it lacks a hyperdrive and must be deployed by carriers during battle slowing its response time at the beginning of a battle. 

Hull - Medium. The K2 has lighter armor than its larger predecessor and relies on its better speed and maneuvering to keep it safe. It can take severe amounts of punishment as more work was put into the frame and sub-structure of the design. It can fly after taking damage most other attack craft would be immobilized from.

Shielding.- Medium. Compared to most modern assault craft the shielding of the K2 is low. It instead relies on a backup generator to keep its shield levels up under sever punishment. Working in tandem the two generators can keep the K2 in the fight longer with less powerful and less power consumption than larger shield generators.

Weapons - Medium to Heavy. while not as heavy and versatile as its predecessor the weapons suite of the K2 is variant as to the mission it is engaged.  The crafts hull houses two Fighter scale Torpedo Launchers flanking the canopy each with a load of (6) proton torpedoes Each upper wing has a pod which houses an Ion Cannon and laser cannon, each lower wing has a heavy Laser, these are to use in both anti-vessel and anti-fighter operations. Each upper wing has (3) pod housing attachments for mission specific load outs. A large Mission Pod on the lower hull can be attached  and loade with mission specific ordinance. Mission Pod payload choices – (72) proton torpedos, (2) heavy proton torpedos, (4) heavy bombs, recon pod, cargo pod, (8) seismic bombs, (8) plasma torpedoes, (2) light turbolaser cannons



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