Ascendancy-class Star Destroyer
Born of a collaboration between members of the Chiss ascendancy and the former Empire of the hand, The Ascendancy class proves the Chiss not only steal your technology they improve upon it. As the boarders of the Chiss ascendancy become more and more of a target for factions in the Unknown regions the Ascendancy in conjunction with Ex-imperial engineers developed a vessel based on stolen technology from the Empire and New Republic. Melding Chiss and Imperial weapons technology the Ascendancy has a versatile mix of offensive and defensive weapons. Advanced shielding and hull plating technology stolen from the former New Republic give the Ascendancy-class the survivability to stay in the fight longer and take on staggering amounts of damage before its systems suffer.  

Design: The Ascendancy hull  resembles that of other Imperial destroyer designs. It maintains the wedge shape of the Victory and Imperator designs but lacks the superstructure and tower of the Imperial warships.  It hull is dark and flat and described by many as looking like a slab of duracrete with blisters. The blistered weapons banks litter the dorsal and ventral hull housing weapons, sensors, and countermeasures. The largest distinguishing factor of the Ascendancy-class is the large bulbous dome which sits just aft of amidships. This structure houses shield projectors, Sensors, countermeasures, and advanced jamming and stealth equipment.
Propulsion: moderate - The design idea behind the Ascendancy is for a versatile multi-role Destroyer. While speed was not  one of the foremost design concepts the engineering teams wanted to maintain a speed matching or exceeding other ships of its class. While maintaining a modest sublight speed of (65) MGLT, the Ascendancy class thrust and maneuvering capabilities are far superior to Imperial Class destroyers. 
Shielding: strong - Utilizing (65) LD-5000 Fortress shielding Generators, the Ascendancy-class Star Destroyer exceeds the Imperial Mk II class shielding by fifteen percent. Overlapping shielding and redundant projectors  maintain full shielding under heavy fire. fifty percent of the generators can be destroyed or go offline before the shielding of the class begins to decress.
Complement: moderate


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