(Belongs to Contegorian Confederation)
Metalorn (Planetary Info)
Type: Planet
Position in System: 4th
Solar System: Metalorn
Galactic Region: Mid Rim (R8)
Environment: Industrial
Length of Day (in standard hours): 24
Length of Year (in local days): 367
Native Sentient Races: None
Sentient Population: Humans, Skakoans, others
Planetary Defences: 2 Gencore Mk II Shield Generators, 1 LNR I Battery, 1 Flak Tower Network

Metalorn Government
Capitol City: Termin
Form of Government: Parliamentary republic
Leader(s): Prime Minister Kriel DeMarkesh
Population: 48,500,000
Chief Products:
Agriculture- No large scale Agriculture
Industry- Heavy industry, droids, ship upgrades, starfighters
Mining – No large scale mining

Official History: Metalorn was a harsh industrial world between Anzat and Roche, perfectly suited for manufacturing.
Techno Union leader Wat Tambor built a factory on Metalorn which manufactured B1 battle droids for the Techno Union's security forces, and later cortosis battle droids for the Confederacy of Independent Systems' army. Anakin Skywalker foiled the creation of the cortosis droids and captured Wat Tambor on Metalorn 21 BBY.

Under the New Order, Metalorn was a primary industrial world of the Galactic Empire under Governor Corwyth. Human laborers wore identical uniforms and were allowed to do little other than work. No plants grew on Metalorn. Leia Organa infiltrated the world and planted the seed of Rebellion in the heart of a young native girl named Tammi. Tammi rebelled against the oppressive Empire by planting a single flower on Metalorn.
At one point, Metalorn was a sun-beaten forest world where, in the upper atmosphere, it was almost impossible for weaker ships to land because the intense heat would melt them. In the lower surface however, there was a lush tropical forest. Presumably this tropical jungle was lost in a cataclysm of some sorts before the Clone Wars.

TRF History: After the destruction of the second Death Star and the subsequent fall of Coruscant, Metalorn became independent of the Empire, allowing the planet to sell its many varied products and supplies to all sides. It had little trouble with enemies because of its hefty defences left over from the CIS and Imperial occupation forces. As such, the only need of the planet was food, which they arranged to trade with the farmers of Agamar for. However, with the subsequent fall of Agamar to the Empire, the planet was left without a steady food supply, and thus requested membership into the Contegorian Confederation to deal with this problem. When Audacia and Kashan supplied food to the world, as the Confederation expanded, the Empire returned. It attacked a convoy transporting food to the world and the world itself. The Confederate fleet was driven from the world, but the Empire withdrew as well when it was found that the world would not easily be taken. After the Confederation's secession from the Coalition, the Empire came again to try and force an embassy to be built on the world. It did not occur, but one of the consequences of that action was the real DeMarkesh secretly being replaced by a force-sensitive clone. As the Confederation expanded, other worlds have since come to also supply the world with foodstuffs, while Metalorn in turn has become a chief industry world of the Confederation, notably producing first the Paladin II and then the C1 Battle droids for the Contegorian Confederation.

ow supply the vital food to the populace. The planet is known among spacers for having a high concentration of Contegorian Confederation ships, which vigilantly patrol the surrounding space and spacelanes.

Role in the Contegorian Confederation:
Just as it was a major part of Imperial industry, so it is with the Contegorian Confederation. Besides manufacturing a wide array of civilian vehicles and droids, it also manufactures many of the weapons, battle droids, ordinance, ship components, and other military supplies for the Contegorian military. Because of its economic importance, a considerable amount of the Contegorian Fleet is stationed to supplement the ground defences, which consists of elaborate overlapping planetary shield generators, LNR batteries, a Flak Tower Network, and Metalorn’s own Battle Droid Legions.


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