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Kashan (Planetary Info)
Type: Planet
Position in System: 4th
Solar System: Fyre Sola
Galactic Region: Mid Rim (R8)
Environment: Temperate Forests, Mountains, plains
Length of Day (in standard hours): 23.5
Length of Year (in local days): 363
Native Sentient Races: Various Beasts
Sentient Population: Humans, a few alien species.

Kashan Government
Capitol City: Solace
Form of Government: Republic (Triumvirate executive branch)
Leaders: Pro-Consul Christina Thorn, Pro-Consul Ryan Tier, Admiral Corise Lucerne
Population: 11,445,000
Chief Products:
Agriculture- Nerfs, various grains.
Industry- starships, industrial machinery, agricultural droids, materials manufacturing
Mining - Various metals mined from asteriods (notably those used in production of Ultrachrome and Ferrocarbon)
Colony Motto: Audentes Fortuna Iuvat


Kashan’s solar system was discovered 21 B.B.Y. by Colonel Fyre Sola, for whom the system is named. He was heading an Old Republic mission searching for hidden CIS bases. Although he found no traces of the CIS, he discovered that the 4th planet, which he named Kashan, was inhabitable and contained a substantial amount of non or semi sentient life. Seeing that the system was concealed by a nearby nebula and had not yet been discovered by anyone else, Fyre did not report an official discovery of the planet. He hoped to officially “discover” after the war where he could make a substantial profit by claiming it for a corporation or by prospecting the planet’s resources. That was something he could not do if he claimed it for the Republic for whom he currently worked.

Fyre’s crew did not keep the planet’s existence a secret from their friends, who were serving in the Republic armed forces. Eventually, Fyre was persuaded by his crew and their friends to start the planet’s settlement for their economic gain after the war, where their jobs would most likely end. Despite Fyre's death on their first actual land fall, the secret, original planned colony group grew with the rise of the Galactic Empire. The new wave of the members were friends of Fyre’s friends who wished to escape the bloodshed and persecution that the Empire brought. As such, the colony was immediately and secretly settled just as the Clone Wars ground to a halt with the rise of the Empire.

It was settled in waves; the first colonists started their settlement at the present-day capital of Solace. As the Galactic Civil War rose forward, bringing strife to the galaxy, some of the original colonists brought in their friends still in the Galactic scene. This eventually precipated into a war between the various houses which sprung up to rule the world (the House Wars). The House Wars left only three major houses (House Thorn, House Tier, House Lucerne) standing, who ended up ruling the world with a formed Triumvirate executive branch combined with local council groups who acted as the legislature. They did however chose to continue the encouragement of new settlers started by the disposed Lord Kellington. Consequently, Kashan has continually received new settlers from its founding. As a result, Kashan has continually been receiving technology and people despite its seclusion from the rest of the galaxy. In an effort to coordinate and keep the colony settlement secret, all new colonists are first contacted by their colonial friends and transferred to Kashan through various dummy transportation and tourist corporations that the Kashan government maintains in surrounding planets.

Eventually, one of the dummy corporation’s transports was tracked by pirates who had planted a homing beacon in the ship. Although the Kashan ship made the standard deep space multiple jumps in order to ensure the planet’s secret location, they did not shake the pirates. Unaware that they were being followed, the colonial transport jumped to Kashan and landed. Minutes later, the piratical forces arrived and were completely destroyed by Kashan’s superior starfighter arm and the not-quite-finished warships Seraph and Archangel.

The Kashan Military has been strongly supported by the colonists because of their heritage, background, and necessity. Originally, the Kashan Colonial Army was formed to defeat the various wildlife that preyed not only on the domestic animals of the colonists, by the colonists themselves. In this aspect, the Colonial Army was successful in defending the settlements from the beasts. However, outlying farms were still hard to protect because of the sheer expanse they covered. The Colonial Army briefly devolved during the House Wars, which also saw the rise of the Kashan's founding of it's more sophisticated services.

The Kashan Colonial Air Force was formed by Matthew Lucerne to combat House Tier and its allies. After the war, it consisted of atmospheric interceptors that patrolled those expanses and were tasked into hunting down the various beasts. Eventually, the Colonial Air Force was reformed into the Kashan Starfighter Corp when the atmospheric interceptors were replaced by the S8 Defender and more recently, the S9 Deathsaber and A3 Nemesis.

The Kashan Colonial Navy is the most junior armed service of Kashan, but it is very prominent because of its role in destroying the pirate flagship. Because of the time and resources needed to develop new ships, the Kashan Navy only has one class of ships currently: Seraph-class Cruisers. The exact amount of Seraphs is classified, but the design has been in production for fifteen standard years. Along the way, the cruisers have all undergone various upgrades as new technologies have been developed. Since Kashan's induction into the Coalition, the navy has expanded exponentially, now boasting a star destroyer flagship and several new lines of smaller vessels. When the Confederation seceded, Kashan's forces briefly acted as the federal fleet while the rest of the Confederation got on its feet. The leader of Kashan's forces, Corise Lucerne, became the Supreme Commanding Officer of the CCDF.

Lastly, there is Kashan Static Command, which jointly operates the multiple static defenses of Kashan, including underground fortresses, space minefields, and asteroid missile and laser batteries.

It is Kashan Law that all citizens undergo military service for four years after they graduate from the public school system. Furthermore, all Kashan citizens have military drills once a month in order to ensure that their skills are kept up to date.

The military is well-funded by the government and it is a popular choice for an occupation for Kashan men, as the other areas of employment are primarily automated. There even is the Kashan Defense College, which educates officers for all of the military forces.

There are two original industries in Kashan: farming and mining. Originally, farming was a necessity in order to feed the colonists while still remaining secluded from the rest of the galaxy. Since its founding, farming has since been primarily automated by use of droids, such as the CD-2 Harvester.

Mining has been the pillar of Kashan industry. In turns out that although Kashan itself is not very rich in minerals, the surrounding asteroid belts are. Besides forming the base for Kashan’s economy, asteroid mining has also been the driving force for developing the Kashan military, for both the industry’s defense and as its primary customers. The most common metals mined are used to produce Durasteel, Ferrocarbon, and Ultrachrome.

The mining in turn has produced the rest of the Kashan Industry, which primary is specialized to making various droids to meet the colonist’s needs. Most of the droids produced at Kashan are nearly exact copies of existing droids, such as the R series of astromech droids or the CR-2 Harvester. However, Kashan Automation is pioneering developments in large-scale artificial intelligence and automation.

The only other economic field worthy of mention is Kashan Defence Incorporated, which is closely associated with the Mining Corporations and the military itself. This company is owned by the government and produces equipment ranging from infantry survival packs to the Seraph-class Cruisers for the military. KDI operates multiple factories on the planet’s surface and several shipyards located inside hollowed-out asteroids.

Kashan culture is a diverse mix of the various cultures and planets from which the colonists are drawn from. The primary link those is back to the original Old Republic colonists. Thus, much of the Old Republic’s original culture and ideals survive in Kashan with little change. The Kashan people as whole tend to be moderates in nearly everything.


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