Jabiim (Planetary Info)
Type: Planet
Solar System: Jabiim
Planetary System: Jabiim
Galactic Region: Outer Rim
Environment: Mountains, swamps, marshlands
Length of Day (in standard hours): 20
Length of Year (in local days): 212
Native Sentient Races: None
Sentient Population: Jabiimites
Planetary Defences: 2 Gencore II Shield Generators, Flak Tower Network.

Jabiim Government
Capitol City: Choal
Form of Government: Representative Democracy
Leaders: President Cirrus Stratus
Chief Products:
Agriculture- None
Industry- military vehicles
Mining – Heavy mining

Official History (from CUSWE):

this planet was once the site of an Old Republic military base, which was later used as a staging area during the height of the Clone Wars. Once war broke out between the Republic and the Separatists, the government of Jabiim decided to ally themselves with the Separatists, and forced the Republic to abandon its base. The native Jabiimites were believed to have been supplied weapons, supplies, and funding by the Separatists, in preparation for going to war against the forces of the Republic. Many in the Republic feared that Jabiim had been bought by the Separatists, who had been working with a select few Jabiimites to take control of the planet. Thus, the Republic decided to go to war in order to liberate the planet. The surface of Jabiim was continually deluged by storms, turning much of its marshy surface to muddy swamps. This made ground battles extremely difficult. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the institution of the New Order, Jabiim was subjugated by the Empire and extensively mined for its natural resources. Years of environmental abuse turned the planet into a barren wasteland, and the locals struggled under the oppression of the Imperial yoke. Nolan Gillmunn decided to ally his band of rebels with the Alliance, until he learned that one of the Alliance representatives was Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker, who the Jabiimites felt betrayed them by abandoning the planet to the Separatists.

TRF History: The Jabiimites eventually pushed off the Imperial presence with the rise of the New Republic, gaining their freedom. They remianed neutral for the next decades, rebuilding and terraforming their world back into its original state as pre-Clone Wars. They began to develop a military with which to maintain their neutrality, but with the rise of Imperial activity within the region, it quickly became apparent that any forces raised by the planet would not be enough to the tide of invasion. As such, a meeting took place between the Jabiimite President, Cirrus Stratus, and a Confederation diplomat, Pro-Consul Christina Thorn. The end result of their meeting was a treaty which brought the planet into the folds of the Confederation.

Role In the Contegorian Confederation: Jabiim primarily serves as a mining planet where its valueable ores supply the Confederation industry in any number of fields. The military vehicle factory established by the Jabiimite government has now been expanded to produce armor units for use throughout the region by Confederate forces, making it the key army base within the Confederation's Eastern Provinces. Jabiim is also part of one of the alternate hyperroutes developed by the Confederation navy which takes ships from the Confederation Proper to the Meridian Sector and beyond.

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