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2007 Showcase
Updated at Mar 5 2007 1:45am
2007 opens on TRF with a new revitalization of writing as our little Star Wars drama phenomena moves ever foward showering the galactic stage with that one inevitability of life: Change.Below represents our member's choices for this Sho...
A galaxy far far away... Episode 1
Updated at Sep 14 2005 12:33am
AGFFA Episodes © Ren 2005
A galaxy far far away... Episode 2
Updated at Sep 14 2005 12:34am
The Hand of Zod AGFFA Episodes © Ren 2005
Ahnk Reviews Kill Bill Volume One
Updated at Jun 19 2004 11:30am
Ahnk Reviews: Kill Bill Volume OneQuentin Tarantino is a violent man. Perhaps he was beaten as a child. A favorite target of the school bully. His dad may have been an alcoholic. The cause is unknown and irrelevant to the casual observer...
A small bit of downtime
Updated at Aug 10 2004 8:01pm
There will be a little bit of downtime today, as we upgrade vBulletin to the latest version. Shouldn't take too long, I'm estimating an hour tops.If it takes too long, feel free to head over to the old board and complain. The topmost for...
August Showcase
Updated at Sep 13 2004 6:41pm
Congratulations to this Showcases' winners. [*] A Pauper's Tale...Authors: Vahid Hesam, Master Ahnk[*]The CliveAuthor: Al'Natar Demovich[*] Past, Present, and FutureAuthor: Trinity
Christmas Skin
Updated at Dec 24 2009 7:12pm
...and I don't mean reindeer fur coats. Ahnk so eloquently informed us in the Staff Forum regarding TRF's newest addition, that of a Christmas-themed skin.His words were:Credit goes to Vance Jas for the banner, me for the images and cod...
Updated at Aug 6 2004 10:47pm
On previous occasions TRF has held contests for various online awards and honors, but today begins a new era in contest-dome. A greedy capitalistic era in which the winner gets to bask in the glory of actual tactile prizes! Yes, folks,...
Final Showcase 2007
Updated at Jan 5 2008 1:24am
Here are the results from the final showcase of 2007. There were some threads among the bunch, and even more have been posted since so stay tuned for the 2008 showcase which is sure to be packed with just as many interesting threads. Hom...
Forum Consolidation
Updated at Dec 28 2010 3:39am
While I'm looking into the technical issues that need to be resolved, I've also been looking over some general site organization. What do you guys think of doing some forum consolidation? Forum activity breeds forum activity. An easy way...
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