Tyranny of the Masses (Nar Shaddaa)
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Sabrino Foundation Tower
New Vertica
Nar Shaddaa

Estro Sabrino stood in the penthouse suite in the tower he had managed to secure for himself on Nar Shadda. He was still quite wealthy from the Union's exploits despite its implosion as he was the only one with access to various accounts and assets his brainchild had built up before the power struggle had started. It was all he had left in all honesty and money was little comfort when he hungered for the power he wielded when he was Chairman of the Union. However the recent Cree'ar crisis and Reaver antics was something that few could dismiss. Nar Shaddaa was already a heavily overpopulated world of some 85 billion beings. The flood of refugees was only increasing that number as many fled into the perceived safety of Hutt Space.

The problem with that is expecting the Hutts to protect anyone or anything that they don't personally own or control. Plurga Desilijic Tiure has admittedly been of use to me but he fled back to Nal Hutta to consolidate his own holdings when the power struggle started...

Sabrino turned his head up towards the sky to look at Nal Hutta while it was still in view. To think that Nar Shadda would be so beholden to such a vile and underpopulated planet. A man with the right effort and ambition could easily throw the Hutts off of Nar Shaddaa. The lawless world was ruled by organized crime but Sabrino knew how to get such individuals in line. Already he had been sending out feelers, examining Nar Shaddaa's power structure like an Admiral planning an attack. It made him feel alive again even as he turned to find the door opening and a haggard looking man was lead in by a pair of Sabrino's black clad bodyguards.

"I... I thank you for seein' me Mister Sabrino. I know your a busy man and all but your the only one helping anyone on this rock who ain't seemin' to be tryin' to clap us in chains as slaves... My name is Jaabo Vith. I'm here representing the Coruscant refugees," Vith said as he looks down at the floor.

Sabrino watched the man closely but simply smiled as he approached him and put his hand on his shoulder to guide him over to the center of the chamber to offer him a seat and refreshments. He'd become a beacon of refugee aid on Nar Shaddaa since the various crime syndicates preferred to prey on the refugees. Already new gangs were forming out of the influx of Diasporas from various worlds hit by the Cree'ar or Reavers. Sabrino had skillfully maneuvered to appear as their savior, putting his funds and shell companies to use in aiding the refugee efforts. It was a slow process but it also made enemies and his apparent philanthropy has lead to multiple assassination attempts from the local crime syndicates. Sabrino answered each attempt with a more vicious and successful assassination as he had people practically willing to throw their lives away for him thanks to his assistance.

"So, Jaabo, how can I help your people?" Sabrino said after pouring himself a glass of water.

"Well, sir, the Vertica Jakkas are trying to hit us up for protection money. We told them we're under your protection. They just laughed it off and told us that turf belongs to For'gudo the Hutt," Vith said indignantly as he clenched his fists a little.

"Ah yes, For'gudo still hasn't gotten the message not to bother you. Well that's most unfortunate. I'll see what I can do but really my funds are becoming strained, you and the others know this," Sabrino said with practiced frown.

Currently the Sabrino Foundation, his main front he operated behind on Nar Shaddaa, had been doing all it could to aid refugees which included employing them in Foundation companies on Nar Shaddaa. Recently though Sabrino had put out the word to make the Foundation seem strained which was true on some level. But he wanted it to seem more severe so as to stoke the hatred of the refugees and poor for the various crime syndicates on Nar Shaddaa that seemed to be blatantly bleeding the Foundation of resources and manpower with their efforts. Already there were grumblings of injustices and anger. The angst and apathy of Nar Shaddaa could only swallow up its poor and oppressed masses for so long and generally would have still done so save for one small detail. There were new players in the game. The refugees. People from cultures and worlds all over the galaxy had ended up fleeing to the Vertical City. The crime lords of Nar Shaddaa, used to the complacency of the world's denizens suddenly had to deal with much more spirited resistance. People from the all sorts of governments and ideals refused to back down against them and so gang wars were building up.

"I know, I'm sorry to even have to come here. You've done so much for us already. My people are grateful for the water filtration units and recyclers. Its made life a bit easier for us. But we need something more... we need weapons..." Vith said grimly as he looks at Sabrino with determination. "I've heard you've given guns to other refugees. That you're encouraging them to form up militias that answer to you alone... Give us weapons and we'll form one as well. We'll help you take over New Vertica and push out all those damn crooks!"

Sabrino looked almost taken aback by Vith's final outburst. Another practiced reaction to seem more innocent than he truly ever was. It was all part of the his plan. Militias of angry refugees were forming. Clusters of the poor and dispossessed were joining said militias and helping them to take over their neighborhoods. Nar Shaddaa was slowly turning against its criminal overlords.

The tipping point is almost here. This world is not ready yet but soon it will be. The downtrodden are finally tired of the syndicates using and abusing them. The refugees are fueling this sense of injustice with their various backgrounds and refusals to be quelled by the criminals. It will be war soon, Nar Shaddaa will be engulfed by the enraged population. I only need a few more militias in place, and then someone needs to die. We need a martyr...

One Week Later
New Vertica
Corellian Refugee District

"People hear me! Are you not tired of the gangs spitting upon you! Are you not tired of the criminal scum beating you up and taking what little you have?" Shouted a young man who stood upon an empty rations crate. He looked bruised and beaten but still held himself proudly in his tattered outfit that showed he was definitely a refugee. He had a blaster pistol at his side and wore and armband with the crest of Corellia that had been used to represent the world on star charts for millenia.

A crowd was gathered around him, listening to him and some shouting out their agreement. Many more were armed as well also bearing the emblems as well denoting them all as members of the Corellian Militia that had formed recently. There were still weapons crates laying around empty with no markings. There was no need to know who had provided the weapons though, like other Refugee districts, the Corellian District enjoyed the patronage of Estro Sabrino. Many viewed it as a miracle that there was one man with wealth on Nar Shaddaa who wanted to help others. All Sabrino asked for was service instead of slavery. Every refugee militia formed so far had sworn themselves to Sabrino's protection. Locals were joining the militias as well when they saw them pushing out the abusive local gangs.

"The Cree'ar seize our worlds! The Reavers prey upon us all, spreading like a disease! The crimelords of this world treat us as slaves! But this is not their world, they care nothing for it! We are just things to them, to be used and discarded as if we were droids or tools! Do you want that?" Cried out the young man.

"NO!" Roared the crowd loudly this time.

"Then stand with me! We must fight back! Push them out of our districts! This is OUR home, not theirs! Whose with me?" Shouted the young man as he holds his arms out.

"We are! Ruthal! Ruthal! Ruthal!"

The young man, apparently Ruthal, takes in the cries before nodding and jumped down to start mingling with the crowd and talking with them. There was much muttering and demands for justice, for law, for someone to do something about all the vicious crime.

Leaning back in the shadows of an alley, a man ignited a cigar and puffed on it casually as he watched the entire display. He carried himself with the assured manner of a man who'd killed before and wouldn't mind doing it again. Deraggo had been out of work for a time but it seems his old boss, Estro Sabrino, still had cash to keep him on as a retainer. Wasn't too bad a job either. He got to kill plenty and have his fun. Now though he was doing recon, looking for someone for Sabrino to use as a rallying voice to push for what he called a 'tipping point' situation. Deraggo pulled out his comm unit and tapped it for an image of Estro Sabrino standing before him on the disk in his hand.

"What is it, Deraggo? I have five more meetings with refugee militias today. Make it quick, please," Sabrino said calmly as he looked towards his servant.

"Boss, I think we found that firebrand you wanted. Real loud-mouth, but he's got his people listening. Hell I think I see people from other militias over here who'd heard about him. Real 'man of the people' feel to him too. Gives you a real warm feeling just listening to him rant. I'll send you the recording I made and see what you think," Deraggo said with a chuckle.

"Excellent. I'll review it. Return to the tower for now. I have another assignment for you while I think about this young man," Sabrino said before his image faded away as the connection cut.

"Sounds like I get to make someone go sight-seeing over a railing again, how I love this job," Deraggo said with cruel grin as he turns to walk away and vanish further into the shadows of the alleyway.
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Palace of Plurga Desilijic Tiure
Guarja City
Nal Hutta

Plurga Desilijic Tiure, or more commonly known as Plurga the Hutt, looked on at the image of a familiar figure he had long hoped would have vanished. As always Estro Sabrino favored a white business suit, reminiscent of an admiral's uniform. The man still carried himself with the same calm and cold nature he had ruled the Union with until internal politics had changed that. The massive Hutt gave a distasteful belch to express his opinion of even having to talk to this man again.

"And what do you want, Sabrino? Do you not have enough on your plate causing chaos on Nar Shadda? Already the Grand Council is taking notice of you," Plurga said darkly as he regarded the former Chairman of the Union.

"Ah, come now, Plurga. Did the Union not make you richer and more powerful than ever before? Did I not got out of my way to assist you with your Besadii problem?" Sabrino asked with spread hands as if in a gesture of peace.

"Bah, I would have dealt with that eventually. You are opportunistic. You dragged too many fools under you and look what happened," Plurga snarled sharply in reply.

"Indeed, an unfortunate miscalculation on my part. But I am still alive and now I have new plans set in motion. I'm offering you the opportunity to be part of those plans rather than get swept away by them," Sabrino replied with a calm smile.

"Swept away? Hah! You are one to talk when already several of the clans have tried to kill you for you strange antics on Nar Shaddaa. We both know you're up to something, you're no philanthropist," Plurga said as he grabs a large grub from a plate nearby and stuffs it into his wide mouth.

"Indeed, I have things in motion that will change the political landscape of Hutt Space. Sadly not in the favor of the Hutts. However, any clan that were to side with me would reap the benefits of what is to come. More so we need someone like you who could be able to play politics beyond Hutt affairs. I assure you what is to come will be quite worth your time," Sabrino said as he offered forth temptation.

Plurga paused, holding back a biting retort about previous promises like that for he had read what was happening on Nar Shaddaa. Militias were growing in power and the Besadii clan had just been dealt a massive blow by several militias working together. Hutt control over Nar Shaddaa was slipping away quickly and violently. The Grand Council knew it was Sabrino pulling the strings but everyone else only saw the firebrand known as Ruthal. A young Corellian man who espoused silly concepts like equality and justice that had the hordes of refugees rallying behind them. Many gave thanks to Sabrino as well whose efforts to help them stood out firmly. More so were the weapons Sabrino was bringing in via his various underworld connections.

"Hmph, I see you've managed to work your angles quite well. You're pet revolutionary is doing quite the job. What do I get out of this if the Desilijic Kajidic sides with you?" Plurga asked suspiciously as he looks on at Sabrino.

"An office of power within the new regime. Admittedly you'll have to espouse the ideas but you were always adaptable. We'll see about arranging something appropriate. I can also make it appear you've been secretly backing my Foundation until now with a public release of records. After that though, you would actually have to contribute. The entirety of Desilijic would have to give itself to the new regime but would be rewarded for the efforts with legitimate trade and business," Sabrino noted as data windows opened around his image to display various offers that might be worth the time.

"I see you have major plans for the Guarja Shipyards," Plurga said as he licked his lips greedily as such a lucrative business contract. "Heh, you want to put the industries of Nal Hutta to use. Hmmm, but whats this? The Evocii?" Plurga said with rising anger.

"Yes, we will seize the territory of all Hutt clans on Nal Hutta that do not back the new regime. It will then be given to the Evocii to right a wrong done to them long ago. It shall cement the regime's legitamcy as a force of justice. No Hutt will be touched who backs the regime Plurga, my promise. Do we have an agreement?" Sabrino asked as all the data windows vanished again.

"Hmmm... This could be construed as treason by the other clans. Do you have the power to really do all of this?" Plurga asked in disbelief.

"If all goes according to plan? I will have most of Nar Shaddaa under my power. That power that I will direct towards Nal Hutta once the new regime is in place. You do not want to be in the way of that angry mob, Plurga," Sabrino replied warningly.

Plurga paused and considered the offer, knowing full well what Estro Sabrino was capable of with enough time and effort. Nar Shaddaa was already falling under his sway. Militias armed by him were enforing their own brands of justice. Crime syndicates were under siege and getting pushed out of one neighborhood after another. The Vertical City was turning into a war zone all at the machinations of one man and his various servants. He silently cursed the Reapers and Cree'ar for causing this massive refugee flow. None of this would have been possible without the flood of lost souls coming to Nar Shaddaa but it was too late to stop that now. There was only one answer Plurga could give in the hopes of preserving the Desilijic Kajidic.

"Very well, Sabrino. The Desilijic Kajidic shall back you. Do not break your promises made here," Plurga warned as he aimed a fat finger at Sabrino.

"Of course. The necessary data will be leaked soon. I suggest you pack your things up and move anything valuable here to Nar Shaddaa immediately. I doubt the other Clans will take this well when they find out you're backing the revolution," Sabrino said calmly.

"Wait... revolution?!" Plurga asked in alarm.

"Oh yes, and it shall quite a sight to see," Sabrino said with a cold smile again before his image faded as the transmission cut out.

Plurga leaned back some with a frown at what troubles he might have gotten his clan into. However the massive Hutt had a skill for survival and right now he could sense that backing Sabrino's plans would save his clan from what terrible machinations the fallen Jutraalian had in store. Now he had some calls to make and orders to give. Guarja would need to be sealed up tight to hold out again retaliation while he fled to Nar Shaddaa to assume his new role in things...
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Nar Shaddaa was burning. That was the main line that had come across likely a dozen holonet news reports of the various governments and news agencies. The uprising upon the world had exploded into rather violent revolution. Where once there had been merely militias seizing the neighborhoods they lived in, now they had exploded out into the upper levels and main plazas. The various crime syndicates of Nar Shaddaa were fighting for their lives as they were being overwhelmed by angry and well-armed hordes of the poor and dispossessed of the Vertical City.

Estro Sabrino sat within the comfort of his tower and looking down at the mayhem even as ships were seen landing full of more supplies for the rioters to use. Holograms of Ruthal were being beamed throughout the mob, encouraging them to fight on in the name of true justice and freedom. It was a rallying cry that pushed the militias onward in their fervor to liberate this world that they were all stranded upon no thanks to forces beyond their control. The poor of Nar Shaddaa had tired of being abused and misused by the criminals who preyed upon them and the corporations who often made them victims of experimental devices in the lower levels.

Its astounding that people think something like Nar Shaddaa can go on and on like it has for millenia without challenge. The old system of crime and corruption would have suited my needs before but I grew lazy in my power. The new system will challenge me and push me to my limits, force me to remain vigilant as I embrace my ambition to surpass my so called emperor and his abandonment of us to the Empire...

Sabrino clenched one of his fists at that, still bearing a deep resentment of the man whom he would have served happily before he'd simply surrendered everything to the Empire. For that he would never forgive him. For that he would create something far more vast and magnificent than the Jutraalian Empire to overshadow it in history forever. But that would require a few more little maneuvers in this game of power. He could already see the foolish mob flocking to Ruthal and knew the demagogue would prove dangerous unless dealt with once the revolution was complete.

"What are the reports so far?" Sabrino asked as he turned to face a more powerfully built man in black military fatigues and a leather jacket. He had the look of a warrior about him with the vibro-sword and blaster pistol at his waist only making him seem more like some swash-buckling space pirate.

"My men have blown up Funato the Hutt's weapon's depot. We have seized several larger ships in orbit docked with the space stations. Plurga's personal fleet is keeping what few ships the other Kajidics have busy," Xim said calmly as he looked at the man who had years ago commissioned his creation. He admittedly served out of a sense of debt to Sabrino but on another level because he was drawn to the man's new ambition. Xim's own genetic predecessor had left his mark on histroy, he intended on doing the same and believe he could by being part of Sabrino's plans.

"My, Plurga did an excellent job of starving the other clans of largeer ships for their own uses. It seems he reaped his almost absolute power over them quite well. They'll be quite useful while we establish a true army and navy, I expect you to do a good job with that," Sabrino said confidently as he looked back out at the madness on Nar Shaddaa.

"Can we trust the Hutt? I mean he is only doing this out of his own personal interest," Xim said grimly as he walked over to stand next to his employer.

"Plurga is very flexible, he's already thrown his lot in with us. And with the Desilijic Kajidic massing behind him in support we will crush the other Hutt clans into submission. Once Nar Shaddaa is ours and the new government is formed, we shall begin out true new era. Let us see how well the galaxy will be able to handle us, shall we?" Sabrino said with a cold grin as he watches another building the mercenaries employed by the Hutts had been using go up in flames.

Three Weeks Later
Sabrino Foundation Tower
New Vertica

Ruthal looked out on the crowd amassing before the tower in the plaza. He couldn't believe that they had truly done it, that Nar Shaddaa was now under the rule of himself and the hordes of militias at his beck and call. He turned at the sound of entry as Estro Sabrino walked into the room while affixing a pin with the new emblem their government would represent itself with.

"Are you ready to address your people, Consul?" Sabrino asked calmly with a smile as he walked over to attach a pin to Ruthal's vest.

"Honestly, Estro, why did you choose such a name for a head of state? I mean I'm not even going to have any power, the Assembly will have all the power," Ruthal said with a laugh.

"Indeed, but it helps to have a title people can attach meaning to, Ruthal. It helps them come to grips with it more," Sabrino noted as he leads him over to the balcony.

In truth the entire system of government they were putting together on Nar Shaddaa was by Sabrino's design. He had the education and experience as a servant of a government that Ruthal lacked. More so many of the offices created so far had been populated by Sabrino as Ruthal was often too busy giving speeches or reveling in the adoration of the people. Admittedly various offices were also given to Ruthal's own cadre of supporters but many were grumbling that Ruthal was giving Sabrino too much authority as one of the government's new Tribunes. Complaints sparked from various sides considering its structure most were from Imperial worlds though who complained about the overly democratic system being put in place.

"Time to start, Consul. Its time to announce ourselves to the galaxy," Sabrino said and clapped Ruthal on his shoulder.

Ruthal nods and steps out onto the balcony while raising his arms. This evoked a huge roar of cheers from the crowd. Sabrino and sevarl others stepped out to stand around Ruthal as he gave his speech to show their support. Already the large projection arrays were humming to life to project his image across Nar Shaddaa. More so cameras were also transmitting on the holonet for any interested to watch.

"My people! We have come so far after months of hardship! We have fought and bled and died for our liberty but now we finally grasp it in hand!" Ruthal said which prompted another roar of cheers. "I come before you all to announce the foundation of a new government. One that will act as a beacon for those lost in the dark and a bulwark against those who would prey upon us all. Our government shall devote itself to the service of its people and more so the pursuit of true justice above ideals and politics. I announce to you all the formation of the Free State Enclave!"

The crowd erupted into delight as the banners on the sides of the building unfolded to reveal the crest of the new government. Ruthal smiled at the thought that he was giving these billions of people a new way to pursue their lives. They had broken the cycle of despair upon Nar Shaddaa and now they would be able to pursue a new goal. The foundation of the Free State Enclave which he hoped other worlds would flock to stand behind in mutual protection and ideal.

"And so, as the first Consul of our new goverenment, I..." Ruthal suddenly jerked and he looked down to see a red spot on his vest start to blossom outward. He looked up and out before him at those people he'd helped liberate, unable to believe what was happening as he felt his body growing cold. He gripped railing and stumbled back into the arms of those around him who stood in shock.

Panic and anger gripped gripped the crowd as cries rang out from the crowd for everyone had witness the terrible act. The assassination of Consul Ruthal on his first day of office. Sabrino knelt by Ruthal as the young man gripped his arm and whispered to him, trying to get his last words out.

"Don't let it end like this..." Ruthal begged as he looked up at Sabrino.

"I won't..." Sabrino said quietly as he looked down at Ruthal even as the life faded from the young man's eyes. It would seem the neurotoxin Deraggo had chosen was just as effective as he had requested. No medical treatmetn would save Ruthal.

One Week Later
Free State Enclave Tower
(Formerly Sabrino Foundation Tower)
New Vertica

Estro Sabrino adjusted his lapel pin thoughtfully as he prepared to address the gather Free State Assembly. The ensuing week following the assassination of Ruthal had been utter chaos as those within the Enclave moved to try to seek out those responsible. Sadly it seemed that several of Ruthal's confidants had been paid off by the Hutts to allow this to happen. The data was only revealed because Plurga the Hutt had willfully divulged secret Hutt data ciphers which allowed the newly forming Enclave Security to do a thorough investigation. Those they found were people close to Ruthal but many of which had also been gangers which only made sense. Violent thugs would be willing to sink to such levels again, at least that was how he was spinning it.

"So, you've gotten everything in place?" Sabrino asked the immense mound of flesh that was Plurga the Hutt.

"Of course, nothing else to doubt that the Besadii and other clans were behind this assassination. They believed that if they could cut off the head that they might be able to retake Nar Shaddaa. I think they failed to account for you and the others' Plurga replied casually as skilled a liar as Sabrino ever was.

"Very good, then its only more evidence we shall use to pursue our case for pursuing justice on Nal Hutta. They have been allowed to ruin that world for too long. Is it not time to return the world to its rightful owners?" Sabrino asked with a cold smile.

"Hmph, it was bought fairly, but perhaps there were certain... discrepencies..." Plurga admitted in annoynace at the thought of giving Nal Hutta back to the lowly Evocii who suffered in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa. "But as you say things do change."

"Indeed they do, now then its time to address the people," Sabrino said as he steps out into the circular chamber that held the Free State Assembly.

Already the various elected representatives of the districts were there. Some were refugees other were likely former gangers. All of them were now politicians, the elected representatives of their constituents. Many of those so called constituents were still enraged and brooding over the death of Ruthal but many were starting to rally behind Sabrino as he'd seemingly proven to be uninvolved in the death of the man he'd helped to raise up to power.

"Citizens of the Enclave, my fellow Assemblymen, it is with a heavy heart today that I accept the nomination thrust upon me by the Assembly. I had no desire to be named Consul, I was happy to serve as a Tribune and help this government become great. But the public has spoken and you, there elected representatives, have spoken. So I, Estro Sabrino, do so take up the mantle of office with my heart still grieving for the loss of such a young and ambitious leader as Ruthal. I only hope that I may serve as well as he would have," Sabrino said before finally bowing his head slightly.

That was met with applause from the hundred or so members of the Assembly and even more across Nar Shaddaa as the citizens watched the first meeting of their new government. Now it was time to move things in the direction that would truly define the Enclave.

"Sadly I must bring out defense to the forefront of the discussion. It is clear that the Enclave still has threats to its existence. The Hutts have been revealed as the schemers behind the death of Ruthal. Do we ignore such an act? Do we allow such an injustice to go unpunished?" Sabrino asked as he raised his hands some as if appealing to those listening for an answer.

"NO!" Roared out all of the Assembly as one, and some would swear the very world of Nar Shaddaa itself trembled with billions of similar outcrys.

"Then we must have a military able to stand up to those who threaten our liberty. But more so we will require strong leadership. Forgive me for saying so but our military cannot be a democracy. I open this to discussion," Sabrino said before taking his seat.

"The Consul should be invested with supreme military command!" Shouted Rano Vale, a Courscanti refugee and former citizen of the Empire. Many knew he held close to the Empire's hardline militarism.

"And surrender so much power to one man? Are you out of your mind? This isn't a dictatorship!" Shouted Melbor Ithaq, a former Galactic Coalition citizen now turned member of the Assembly. He was known to espouse the rights of an elected body to hold onto power, for democracy to reign.

"Can we not have both?" Asked Plurga Desilijic Tiure for his seat. There had been a few protests and rumblings over a Hutt being elected to the Assembly, but Plurga's defection and support of the Enclave during its formation had earned him trust. Sabrino's personal endorsement had ensured Plurga got elected in the district he chose to run for.

"Both? Explain yourself, Plurga," Demanded Assemblyman Vale sharply as he regarded him.

"It is simple, we invest the Consul with supreme military authority but leave the budgeting and financing under the authority of the Assembly. It will allow the Consul to perform his duties while ensuring the Assembly can still have a voice in military affairs aside from simply being able to vote the Consul out of office. This Enclave of ours needs a powerful executive office if it is to succeed, but one that still requires the cooperation of the Assembly on some level," Plurga noted camlly having established himself as a member of the Moderate faction as opposed to Vale's Militarists and Ithaq's Populists. The Moderates were more concerned with creating a working government as opposed to clashing ideals.

"Are you suggesting we truly give that much power to a single man? He could just declare himself Emperor!" Ithaq protested angrily.

"Ah, but he can't," Plurga countered with a chuckle. "It shall be against the new amendments we place into the Enclave Charter. The Free State Enclave only functions because of the Charter which we all signed prior to Ruthal's election as Consul. We make it clear the Consul shall never be able to take such power, that the Assembly will always be needed," Plurga state calmly.

There were rumbles of consternation and support. Admittedly this argument had been forseen which was why Sabrino had founded the Moderates personally to act as a center point between the democratic Populists and the more authoritarian Militarists. He had been quietly maneuvering to ensure the office of Consul would be given great power to allow him to pursue his personal agenda. The Assembly would be useful for keeping the government running though it would be no rubber stamp as what had happened under Palpatine so long ago with the Imperial Senate. History was an excellent teacher for those who studied it and Sabrino had done so extensively. The Free State Enclave was formed from his belief in a government that tried to take the best of both democratic and authoritarian societies while maintaining enough of balance to generally ensure personal freedoms were protected. All that mattered now was convincing enough of the more pragmatic members of the two other factions to vote with the Moderates on this issue.

"I call for a vote on the Moderates proposed compromise! Vote now!" Shouted a Gran Assemblyman who affilited himself with the Populists.

The assembly erupted into more shouts as the true debate began. Sabrino sat back quietly and watched with a stoic expression even though he had masterminded all of this. Ruthal's death would help press home the need for a powerful security apparatus which meant having a central leader to watch over it since even the Populists had to agree democracy could bog down action too much. It was what had cost people worlds and lives with the rise of the Cree'ar and Reavers. But at the same time those under the Enclave needed to know their will was being listened to and presented, that they mattered. It would ensure a more patriotic or pershaps even nationalistic drive to see the Enclave succeed. People sacrificed greatly for something they believed in and Sabrino wanted them to believe in the Enclave.

Ten Hours Later
Office of the Consul
Free State Enclave Tower
New Vertica

Sabrino sat in his office reading of the law that had been hammered out after ten hours of bickering, arguing and finally the heads of the three factions sitting down with the seconds to compromise. In the end the Assembly had held firmly to its control of the Enclave's purse to ensure it maintained power. However as a huge concession the office of Consul was invested with supreme executive power and a ten year term which could be ended early with a two thirds vote of no confidence which would throw the Assembly into a new election phase. In all a good system that Sabrino would be able to game even if he was someone voted out of office early. He could still garner enough support to remain on the Assembly and bide his time to get elected to power again. Voters had such short memories sometimes.

"So you have what you wanted," Plurga said as he sat across from Sabrino with a grin.

"Indeed, and it went well even with all the discussion and arguements. Neither Ithaq or Vale are happy so this is clearly going to be a suitable law in the middle. I assume it has enough votes to pass in next week's assembly meeting?" Sabrino asked as he looked up at Plurga.

"Yes, I'll see to it that it does. Its likely to pass at least considering most everyone trusts you with the office. Let us hope you can hold onto it," Plurga said as he lifted up a large goblet of wine and dumped it into his wide maw to gulp it down.

Sabrino simply nodded as he looked down to regard the new military reports being filed by Xim or now Praetor Xim. He would be the first to hold that title as a commander of the forming Enclave's military forces until they expanded more.

"Now then, its time to discuss pressing home an invasion of Nal Hutta and securing your Guarja Shipyards. The Enclave will need them to begin producing our own ships," Sabrino said as he pulled up schematics for various Hutt strongholds that would need to be assailed.