Beyond the Blue Event Horizon...
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What went on before...

Opening Doors to the Future:

Vladet Space

The path was deceptive.

"Ellipse course laid in, Sir. Engines at maximum."

Admiral Chandler nodded looking at the two focal points, the planet Vladet and the open wormhole. The result in distance then provided two options for the Victory, much of it depending on what the other ships were doing.

And as the Victory made it's burn along the ellipse, their sensors were beginning to note irregularities in whatever it was that was not letting them make the jump to hyperspace.

The Dragon Fleet was projected on his TAC noting that they were very intent on leaving, the wormhole of theirs opening despite the interdiction. The implications were preying on Chandler's mind.

"Sir...We are getting sporadic signals!"

"Can you?" he started but the Comm Officer shook his head. "No.. it's only static but it is something."

Ibren nodded at the information his hands gripping the rail as he stared at the maneuverings of the Coalition ships, screening his seemingly oblique approach.

Instead of a massive field.. .it seems to be a culmination of smaller fields..their exact nature as yet unknown.

"You will only get one shot at this people!" he warned.

The ships before him were maneuvering away and the destination the Victory was heading toward suddenly became very clear.

Admiral Chandler watched with interest as the ships were nearing the departure time.

"Look at this maneuver, here." he pointed to his Exec. "See the time differential between ships?"

"Sequence of Departure vectoring?"

"Match us here... " he called, and the Helm answered with another course adjustment.

"Prepare the fighters, tighten on our flanks. When we reach this locus here, just inside the event horizon... deploy the probes."

"There they go!" the Helm Leader said as the fleet before them began vanishing.

"Event horizon coordinates relaying!!"

The ship began to shudder as the Victory began to enter the departure site of the exiting warships.


The Victory began to shudder violently.

"Ellipse course complete!"

"Rotate the axis! Clear up that racket!" Chandler shouted as vibration increased.


"Increase flank speed!" and the vibration began to lessen with the rotation.




"Event Horizon!"

"Launch Probes!"

And even as the probes seemed to hurl out of the hanger... the Victory became swallowed and vanished into a pinprick.


"Opening forming!" came the shout above the hum of the rattling Star Destroyer Victory.

The ships of the Black Dragon Imperium were exiting in good order.

"What the hell is that?" someone asked incredulously, staring at the sensor readings of the rather small vessel maintaining the opening in space from which the wormhole transit could be exited from.

There was no time for Admiral Chandler to comment as the Victory, unused to travelling under the conditions it found itself in, struck the craft causing a destabilization of the orifice.

The Victory transited into normal space and the Dragon's sensors were no doubt alert to their presence.

The Victory did not stop as it struck a Dragon cruiser before moving beyond the exit formation of the Imperium.

Chandler, holding onto the rail of a catwalk, shouted to his crew. "I need lightspeed now or we are all dead!"

"Sir? We haven't completed our calcul--"

"JUMP! NOW!" Chandler shouted and the officer, sweat running down his back, punched the execution code.

And as the weaponry of the Dragon Imperium turned toward the interloping Imperial Star Destroyer, the Destroyer found itself hurdling forward, the incredible speeds of hyperspacial flight thrusting Ibren Chandler's ship ever onward into the cosmic dangers they were blind too..

What happened next happened in a blink of an eye.

And the Victory, and all those aboard, were lost to history...
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His eyes opened as he found himself on his back, laying on wet sand.  The wind was gentle and the sounds of birds came from somewhere nearby but out of sight.  A dull sun was overhead as his eyes, even in the muddled light, seemed to shy away from it.  The sky was a pastel blue and as he started to sit up, he saw a rather large moon appearing over the water’s horizon.  He was on a beach.


He put a hand on his head as, for a moment, he felt a slight disorientation. 


“Loafing around, are you, Soman?” came the whispy voice of an older man.


Soman grinned at the old man and said in a rather loud voice, “You hiding from the Matriarch uncle?”


The old man’s eyes widened and gestured his hands as if pushing the volume of his words down, “ssshhh… shhhhh boy!  You want her to hear?”


“She’s at the temple making the daily offering,” Soman replied laughing. “She won’t hear us.”


“If anyone could hear us from a kilometer away, it would be her,” the old man warned, wagging a finger.  He looked around as Soman got up off the sand  and frowned,”What are you doing sitting on the wet sand?”


“Ugghh..”now it was Soman’s turn to frown as brushed the sand off the back of his head and rear.  “I… I don’t really know.”


“Bah!  Probably day-dreaming about Wenn again.  I swear, kid.  If you put half as much time into getting her bride-price as you do day-dreaming, you’d be married by now.”


The younger man turned red in embarrassment and was about to retort when his eyes widened in panic.  “The pigs!” he cried out and ran past the old man.


“You left Arkan’s pigs alone?  You better hope they did not get out or you won’t need the bride-price cause you’ll be dead!” the old man shouted after him.

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Wenn watched as her father walked along cobblestone patch with the Proctor Absolute, their slow journey ending at the steps of the Holy Priory.  Shefollowed as close as she could hoping to catch a hint of her father’s conversation knowing it was about Soman. 


“He is not a boy, Proctor.  He is a man.”


“His head is in the clouds, always looking up.  Looking towards the flying mountain and never on the task at hand.  How will he support your daughter when times are dire?  How will he support the community?”


“He speaks strangely but his mind is bright.”


“What skill has the community offered him?”


“He is learning husbandry.”


The Proctor smirked at the father.  “Indeed.”


The father reddened, “She wants what she wants.  She has always been a headstrong girl and this man is the only one who seems to have captured her interest, let alone her heart.”


The Proctor sighed.  “Very well.  I will talk to him.  However, does he have the bride price?  He may change minds but he cannot change tradition.”


The father nodded in agreement, “And yet, Proctor.  If he does not have your blessing, nothing changes.”




“Will he get the Proctor’s blessing?” Wenn asked rather impatiently as she and her father walked home after spending some time at the market after church services.


“The Proctor said he would talk to Soman.” The father replied but stopped to look at his daughter.  “But, Wenn, he needs to have the bride price and he is still an apprentice despite his age.  Tradition will not be ignored.  I can help as much as possible but I cannot make that requirement disappear.”


Wenn narrowed her eyes in thought and her father felt a surge of pride as he masked a smile.  If anyone can find a way, it would be you, daughter.