The Wheel of Time TV Show
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  • Posted On: Nov 20 2021 9:24pm

Anyone watching? Aside from Star Wars, WoT is the most formative fiction of my youth. Amazon picking it up and taking a serious crack at turning it into a Game of Thrones killer has my jibblies all in a jumble. I also remember (not on TRF but on another board) someone firing off a huge OOC thread admonishing everyone for "Wheel-of-Timing all their force usage", which I thought was quite hilarious because I agreed. It definitly had a lot of influence on the early 2000's fanfictioners.

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Time Cube > Wheel Of Time

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I have seen the first two episodes.  It's ok and hopefully it gets better.  I have read the books but it's been 20 years so I don'tknow just how closely the show follows the book.  I think I noted some differences but so far the story seems pretty much as I remember it. 

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Mmmm Time Cube

Yeah I feel like Episode 1 was pretty rough. It felt like it had been heavily edited for length, like maybe it should have been a 2 hour pilot. Ep 3 was great and I'm stoked for Ep 4. I recently re-read the whole series now that Branden Sanderson wrapped it up for RJ, it's still good stuff.

The show is following the books fairly closely so far, I'll reserve judgement for how much is trimmed once Season 1 wraps. I'm not sure yet what's being skipped or just delayed a bit (some major characters should have been met by now but haven't been, but I don't see how the story continues without them as they're kinda a big deal).



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Time Cube- worst rendition of "One is the Loneliest Number" I have ever seen.


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Well Season 2 is soon upon us. We've had time to digest season 1...

Branden Sanderson warned us. "Another retelling of the wheel". I enjoyed Season 1 only because of that. The story is changing, things will be condensed. I heard they're shooting for 8 seasons total. That would account for about 4 books worth of content if they're moderatly strict on following the books, so I expect to see a lot of characters combined into one, at best. Most will be eliminated or get a couple of cameos.

I'm excited to watch Season 2, but I haven't been re-watching Season 1. My partner really likes season 1 and will re-watch episodes every now and then, but for me it's so different it's still hard to enjoy it as a background show.