The Force Awakens reactions (no spoilers!)
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  • Posted On: Dec 18 2015 9:18pm
Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on Ep VII.  Perhaps keep it spoiler free for the first week or 2?

I just saw it myself and liked it but didn't love it on first viewing.  Definitely better than the prequels though.  It did feel very much like a modern New Hope with better acting and obviously better effects.  Some fun throwbacks and good mingling of old characters and new.  Definitely felt like the first part of the new trilogy with lots of unanswered questions and more to explore.  No idea exactly what I was hoping for because it was captivating and fun, but perhaps a bit too safe for me with not a lot of real "wow" moments.  It could just be that my expectations were unreasonably high and I want to see it all and know it all now.  I can't wait to see it again so maybe that's a sign my senses will come to me and I'll stop being a hypercritical fanboy.
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  • Posted On: Dec 19 2015 12:38am
No spoilers? Well then, in that case all I have to say is . . .

Insufficient quantity and quality of self-aware giant robot space ships (with "angry face" graffiti painted across the front of them).
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  • Posted On: Dec 19 2015 7:54pm
Snape kills Dumbledore!
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  • Posted On: Dec 19 2015 9:56pm
I have a lot of particular Star Wars gripes, and some odd choices that I'm really shocked were basically glossed over by the film.

BUT much better than the Prequels. Dialogue didn't feel stilted and forced. Action was good. There was War amongst Stars.

4/5, looking forward to Star Wars VIII: The Quest for More Money
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  • Posted On: Dec 21 2015 4:00pm
3.5 out of 5.

Liked it.  Wanted to love it.  Couldn't.  Characters were strong for the good guys, not so much for the bad guys and I think that altered my view of the movie.
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  • Posted On: Dec 23 2015 7:57am
It was okay.
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  • Posted On: Dec 23 2015 3:46pm
Saw it last night. My assessment is that it could have been better, but it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. Adam Driver's acting really threw me out of the story at times - he just didn't seem like the villain he needed to be to make the story work. The names were hard, as well - my wife kept complaining that she didn't know who any of the new characters were, as their names were less than easy to pick up. Harrison Ford was good, but Carrie Fisher had trouble making herself a believable older Leia. Daisy Ridley was excellent in her role, though I think the writers could have done a better job with some of her action scenes. Same goes for Adam Driver and John Boyega. Hard to say why and stay spoiler free, but those who have seen it should know what I mean. Finally, I think the parallels to Episode IV were a bit too in-your-face, with not enough twists. When you can predict exactly where the movie is going to go and what each character is going to do, that makes for bad writing.

I still think they should have adapted the Thrawn series - would have required new actors, but that wouldn't have been the end of the world - but as it was it wasn't terrible. 3/5.
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  • Posted On: Dec 23 2015 10:10pm
I saw it last Sunday. At first I didn't really like it, everything was pretty predictable, and it's another giant circular weapon. The film Empire really has a fetish for planet shaped superweapons. My first impression was that it's a "serviceable" star wars film.

After a few days it grew on me some more. I'll get back to the theater for a 2nd viewing soon, but overall I like the movie. It rehashed a lot of plot points and the story arch is pretty similar to EP IV, so it really feels like somewhat of a 'reboot' for a newer generation of fans without actually rebooting any storylines.

I liked Kylo as a villain. There's more going on with him than "evil darkside dude". I'm looking forward to seeing him grow as a character.

Hard to say more without spoilers.
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  • Posted On: Mar 3 2016 11:23am
You know, the thing I like most about all the new Star Wars (new movies, new cartoons, rumors of a new KOTOR) is all the different media leading to questions about what is canon, or what crazy fan theory might be true.

My new favourite fan theory is The Numb Pregnancy: