SWTOR Galaxy Map
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  • Posted On: Oct 3 2011 10:08pm
I remember lots of people putting lots of time and effort into making galaxy maps around here.

How does this one compare to ours?

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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2011 12:22am
Extremely simplistic, but fairly accurate. It certainly looks very pretty, but when you get down to it its a map constructed to showcase only 14 planets out the hundreds found within Star Wars canon.

Still, it gets me even more excited for this game, something previously thought impossible.
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2011 1:17am
And then I see a gameplay video, and feel a resounding 'eh'.
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2011 1:15pm
very pretty.
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2011 2:25pm
A friend of mine beta tested TOR. And then canceled his order.
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  • Posted On: Oct 15 2011 2:13am

Not a resounding endorsement to say the least.

That said, the map is very pretty.
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  • Posted On: Oct 17 2011 12:10am
The game will play like World of Warcraft. So, if you enjoy that, you'll like this.