JJ Abrams to direct SW Ep VII?
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  • Posted On: Jan 26 2013 2:55pm
Well... it sounds official.


I really don't know what to think.
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  • Posted On: Jan 27 2013 5:47am
I am displeased.

Abrams so far hasn't impressed me on the big screen. Star Trek had pacing problems, glaring lens flare, and its complete disregard of almost everything in Star Trek annoyed me. They could've at least made the damned Romulan ship look Romulan!

Also Super 8 was bad. Just... bad.

BUT I'll still take him over George Lucas. :P
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  • Posted On: Feb 7 2013 2:00am
Abrams admitted he went too far with the lens flare, and that he'd cut that down, so there should be less of that.

Also, it didn't disregard the original. There are a LOT of homages. For one, Kirk eats an apple while solving the Kobayashi Maru, and Kirk, in STII, is eating an apple when he explains how he did it. He also sat in the captain's chair the exact same way the original Kirk does.

The Romulan ship didn't look Romulan because it was way before they met them in the original series.

I think if JJ Abrams can cast it, he'd do a great job.
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  • Posted On: Mar 6 2013 5:19pm
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  • Posted On: Apr 19 2013 12:14am
Sounds good to me, I dont think JJ Abrahams did a bad job with the last ST film, I also caught a good 10-15 minutes of the new one and that looks pretty good too.

I am actually feeling quite opimistic about it all so far...
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  • Posted On: Apr 26 2013 10:23am
I originally wasn't much of a fan, but the more I read the more cautiously optimistic I am.

I'll go opening weekend no doubt.
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  • Posted On: May 6 2013 4:44am
I'll see it.

I hope it's better than the previous ones, in pacing and plot sense, and without the need for characters like Jar Jar.

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  • Posted On: Jun 17 2013 6:57pm
Well, lets be honest , he can't do much worse...

(Hopes this is not famous last words...)

Perhaps more lens flare, mebbee...
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  • Posted On: Jun 18 2013 3:41pm
I've heard speculation that it might be a little straightforward action, and less emphasis on storytelling and characters. But maybe that is only because of the direction of the Star Trek movies?
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  • Posted On: Jun 22 2013 8:00pm
Well I thoroughly enjoyed this latest Star Trek - am I alone here?