Happy Birthday Dickface
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  • Posted On: Aug 13 2011 12:20am
You know exactly who you are.
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  • Posted On: Aug 18 2011 6:58pm
My birthday was August 11. :( :p
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  • Posted On: Aug 18 2011 11:02pm
And what did Han get you?
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  • Posted On: Aug 19 2011 9:47pm
I was talking about Demos. :P
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  • Posted On: Aug 20 2011 12:01pm

We missed Sam's birthday, that's a shootable offence over at 'Tales *cough* 'Epics

Anyone actually know what happened to Demos?
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  • Posted On: Aug 20 2011 5:14pm
The magnitude of his arrogance overcame the structural integrity of his physical being; the resulting implosion created a vortex, a black-hole if you will from which even the strongest and last vestiges of his person could not escape.

And that was my birthday present to the world.

Sam, you get cake and, maybe, a necklace made of pearl.
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  • Posted On: Sep 13 2011 2:42am
Cake! I'll take the cake please. Thanks. :]

I spent my birthday in the hospital on Han's insurance. I think he's paying quite a bit.

Then there was the one two weeks later, where the Doc 'n a Box said I needed an ambulance to the ER. 200/over BP, 180 pulse rate. That's over $800 insurance didn't cover. He thought I was about to have a stroke. What he didn't know was that I had that heartrate for 3 days prior.

You know, hospitals, making me feel better? I'd rather you FIX WHAT IS WRONG. Stop sending me home when your drugs cause a "normal" reaction.

Because although I am being very careful, I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG.
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  • Posted On: Sep 14 2011 12:57am
200 systolic BP and 180 heart rate and you felt ok enough to go to a doctor's office first and not the emergency room?


(Spoken from a nurse's point of view)
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  • Posted On: Sep 18 2011 8:31am
Beff! have you been slipping drugs into the Caeke again???
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  • Posted On: Oct 4 2011 2:49pm
I couldn't feel my blood pressure or know it was high. Just heard the pounding in my ears of my heart, which had been going on for about 3 days. What should it have felt like?

I guess it was just an infection and they finally killed it this time. And I'm on blood pressure meds now. Heart rate is about 96.

Anyhoo, didn't mean to hijack the thread. Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was. :]