First Impressions!
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  • Posted On: Mar 14 2013 6:50am
While I was on xbox Live the other day, Omnae happened to catch me. Much to my surprise, a few minutes later we were hearing each other's voices for the first time on voice chat.

While Omnae was commenting on how I sounded nothing like how he had imagined me to be for the past 13 years (and I was amused to hear what he had thought I would sound like), I was thinking much the same thing about him. It got me thinking... it's sort of funny, how we relate to others on message boards like these.

Omnae, I always pictured you as Peter (Ron Livingston) in Office space. I think it was because of a picture you posted once or something. You were almost always neutral, laid back, and honest as well. But I was definitely expecting a more noticeable Texas accent.

Gash... always made me think of angry Linkin Park songs. I have absolutely no idea why, maybe one was playing on the radio while I was arguing with him one day or something. To this day when his name is mentioned, I still think of angry Linkin Park songs.

Ahnk. I thought you just had to be a huge, tattooed, broad shouldered badass with a shaved head who went around opening a can of whoop ass on anyone who bad mouthed Fallout, Matthew Good, or wrestling. The person I met last September was a mild mannered, soft spoken guy with a goatee. And though you did have a tattoo, it wasn't on your head.

And lastly, Zark... met him in person last September too.

Hmm actually, Zark you were exactly how I pictured you. Matt Good shirt and all!
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  • Posted On: Mar 28 2013 2:19pm
Is Gash still alive?

Do you picture me as a 14 year old boy? We actually played some WC3 back in the day... but I don't think voice chat was ever used that I can recall.
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  • Posted On: Mar 30 2013 1:10am
We're doing that podcast that none of you guys can be available for, tomorrow, 3/30. If anyone can come please contact Bane Nathos. Otherwise it's just three people I think and we need more SW representation. It's 2:00 EST.
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  • Posted On: Apr 4 2013 5:03pm
Back out of pocket for a while. Got a Pug and that thing is a biter.

OS - Yeah, but honestly, I think we only heard 1/4th of each other's comments as one of our mics kept going in and out. It may have been mine but I have since purchased a new one (that glows blue).

Yeah, I always tried to present myself as a neutral and honest guy and I am pretty laid back. But I think that is why never had a "following" because you have to take a stand on something (for good or worse) for one to have a following.

I have only seen one picture of you and you looked like an angry 15 year old glaring at the camera. You may have been older but it still looked like you were going to kill whoever was taking the picture. Plus, you were one of the "faces" of the whole TRF vs TGC thing put you in a more confrontational light.

You sound really down to earth and fun.

Ahnk - spoken to him very little on XBox Live but I still get the impression that he is controlling the world from his room in a mobile home with wrestling/hockey posters put up everywhere. From his facebook photos, he looks like he can beat the shit out of me if I called his favorite wrestler a pussy.

Gash - Mad Linkin Park songs... that is so true. Never could get into Matthew Good. I associated him more with Radiohead since I liked them better. He and Ahnk could eviscerate a person with words like no other. With Ahnk, though, there was humor in it whereas Gash seemed just plain mean. I never could figure if he actually was killing himself with drugs or if it was all an act. He's probably married with kids in suburbia working at the corporate office of Kentucky Fried Chicken like the rest of us.

Sam - never spoke to her but she always seemed snarky but highly intelligent and not a little cagey. If one ever caught her and looked her in the eyes one would probably turn to stone. Have to ask Han about that.

Hyfe - You still in the Navy? What are you up too now?
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  • Posted On: Apr 5 2013 2:15am
Fuck Gash... what the hell happened to Titus?
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  • Posted On: Apr 5 2013 12:39pm
1. I for some reason never saw this thread in the new queue until Hyfe replied to it. No idea why.

2. I will have more detailed posts when I have time.

3. As for Titus he's still around. I've got him on GMail and he's usually good about answering a message/email.
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  • Posted On: Apr 7 2013 2:25am
Praise the lord! ;-)
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  • Posted On: Apr 7 2013 2:37pm
I did 5 years in the Navy and got out in 2010. I went back to school and am working in IT.

Omnae - LOL, those were pretty much my impressions of Gash as well. He is either face down in a ditch somewhere or working a desk job with half a dozen bratty children.

Did Titus continue pursuing web design or what is he doing with himself now?

I'd like to know what Telan Desaria (sp?) is up to as well... talk about an odd ball.
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  • Posted On: Apr 7 2013 3:21pm
I assume 'geeks' until proven otherwise - and every stereotype that entails!
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  • Posted On: Apr 10 2013 1:31am
Sam - never spoke to her but she always seemed snarky but highly intelligent and not a little cagey. If one ever caught her and looked her in the eyes one would probably turn to stone. Have to ask Han about that.
I called him down here and showed him the post. We're married now (I let him out sometimes). He agrees utterly and completely with every word you said.