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  • Posted On: Dec 2 2011 4:01am
Park, are you still around?

Wes, I'm guessing the post you just made means you're still around?

Om, you kind of still count as an Imperial, right?

Are there any more of you lurking around? I need to get a head count before I start blowing stuff up again :O

Seriously, though: I'm pretty sure that at various points I've had various plans with various members of your faction, but it's getting hard to keep track of who I've talked to about what, and which things have been made invalid by what occurrences. (You guys still following along?)

Anyway, these are the basic points I could use some clarification on, if it's not too much trouble:

1 How bad are you guys planning to blow up the Empire with your “Abdication” thread

2 Is there any way the Alliance could be included in the blowing up of things, because at present that's pretty much all they're interested in, and even then only when it pertains to TNO

3 I discussed with Park a resolution to the ongoing Alliance/TNO conflict left open at the end of Cataclysm (Kathol Republic, Bothan Space, and Elrood Sector) and we seemed to have reached some sort of consensus right about the time I took my last unannounced hiatus and returned to find “Abdication” in the works. So Park (if you're out there), where do we stand with this, and is there any way it can be utilized to enhance points 2 or 1?

4 Omnae, I don't quite remember the particulars, but at some point you and Seth wanted to know how the Alliance felt about the Commonwealth declaring itself the New Republic, and what sorts of things might develop out of that. I've got some ideas still, but it's all dependent on the fallout from the Cataclysm-carryover rebellions I had been planning.

5 Also, I might need someone to blow up Yavin IV for me at some point. Any takers?

Oh yeah, and I may be conjuring up another one of those pervasive, super-secret, deep space TNO political prisons for a short(ish) character development thread, but that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Feel free to post here or PM me as you see fit.
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  • Posted On: Dec 2 2011 6:53am
I do have Imperial NPC characters (in the "Threads" storyline) and I have one playable character in the Rise of the Warlords in the form of Ortho Gutt. Basically, as the Empire falls further apart he will go off with a chunk of what is called the "Gyndine Compact" which are embers of the old Corellian Protectorate and whatever else he can get his hands on. In that plan, Park's abdication falls in line with that.

Just about all my mainline Imperials are in "Neverland" with Kaine set to return at some point in the future (preferably when the current Empire has been stomped to death).


As for the Republic, I know that both Seth and I would love to have you included so I am sure we'd be up for whatever helps bring that about.


As for the prison thing, I don't think that would be a problem. I did it with my Coalition character.

My mind seems to be wanting to create something a bit new though I don't know what that would be just yet. But I feel like creating something new but it has not taken solid form in the old noggin.
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  • Posted On: Dec 2 2011 10:36am
Yeah, any input would be welcomed, I think it's an issue that needs to be addressed.
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  • Posted On: Dec 2 2011 1:18pm
I'm still around, and I even have pending posts, I just need to find an alternative method to get them online since the CD-ROM drive on my laptop is busted.

Pretty much "Yes" will answer all the above questions, and "A Fair Amount" should take care of the rest. More details later.
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Yes, I'm back around fully now.

1. As minimal as possible, but I'm anticipating some serious fragmentation. Most of the Mid-Rim, all of Oversector Outer, the Yaga Minor/Bastion Sector, and what's left of Onyx will go with Wes. What's left of the Borderland and the Core, except Bilbringi, will probably be lost; Borderland to Kach loyalists, maybe with Kach leading them (if he ever returns), and the Core to various directions. Reconquest of the Core will be one of Wes's primary goals, when he manages to consolidate.

2. Sure. Try to stay away from major Imperial centers, such as Vladet, Bastion, or northern Oversector Outer (the planets Wes conquored) because that will get you the full wrath of the Empire down on your head. But if you want to hit Borderland territories, some Mid-Rim places, etc., be my guest. If you really want to hit one of the taboo targets, PM me - we'll work something out.

3. I don't know what the resolution is. Could someone fill me in, please?

4. Has little to do with me. Though Simon, if you don't mind, Jaeriel and her team will probably be joining your New Republic, if you and Seth do that.

5. You could hire the Empire to do it. We like blowing up planets...

Naw, no problem. Knock yourself out.

Oh, and Park, are any of those posts for Abdication? If so, I'll wait to post my next one.
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  • Posted On: Dec 3 2011 9:50pm
There is one post concerning Abdication, but most of the posts concern an event taking place two weeks before the events of Abdication.