My absence, my return, and new ideas
  • Posted On: Oct 9 2015 3:53pm
 Hey all, sorry for not being around lately. Between a complete absence of writing at all, some stuff IRL to deal with, and other things here and there I haven't been visiting, much less keeping up with what's going on here, and for that plus my prominent character roles that I left in limbo I apologize. That being said, I'm planning a return, both in active writing and to the site in general, just not with my old character.  After giving it some thought, I'd like to bring a new faction into the TRF Universe, one which I'm still working on meshing out. I'm willing to play out the transition of power to Vos (if desired) before retiring my old character. Thoughts? ​
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  • Posted On: Oct 9 2015 7:53pm
Sounds interesting.  Look forward to see what this new faction is.
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  • Posted On: Oct 10 2015 1:17am
It does sound intriguing, look forward to seeing what you have planned.

Should we all be worried?  :P

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  • Posted On: Oct 10 2015 6:37am
I have no intention of surrendering my completely illegitimate powers to Wes Vos!
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  • Posted On: Oct 10 2015 8:03pm
Hey Park! Glad to see you back.

Yeah, we can chat about power transfer. Irtar and I were cooking up some ways to get rid of you anyway; your cooperation will make things smoother. PM me, and we'll chat.
  • Posted On: Oct 11 2015 2:31am
 I wouldn't be worried. The faction itself won't be majorly powerful and will in all likelihood be absorbed into a bigger faction once it comes into contact with the outside Galaxy. Some new tech and ships will be introduced but it'll be more of a storyline faction.
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  • Posted On: Oct 11 2015 4:54pm
Hey Park! Good to see you! How are things! 

Just a reminder: Emperor Kraken and Prime Minister Moon are on Vladet right now, chatting about transferring Onyxian Space back to Coalition control. Other than that, I don't think I have any lingering Kraken-related things floating about.

New faction, huh? Could be fun.
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  • Posted On: Oct 14 2015 1:49pm
Hey Park,

Don't forget about the Onyxian scheme we were working on.
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  • Posted On: Oct 14 2015 8:42pm
Now you're just trying to spook me, aren't you?

. . . aren't you?
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  • Posted On: Oct 14 2015 9:53pm